Emilio Tini for Pitti

Fantastic visions

‘Fantastic Visions’, an itinerant exhibition and the first of 10 books published according to the fashion calendar, in March and September, coinciding with the runway shows.
A big undertaking that perfectly illustrates the work and professional career of Emilio Tini, the name behind this year’s Pitti campaign (uomo, bambino and filati). “I conceived it as a project entirely Made in Italy: an Italian team and Italian names that totally represent Italian potential.
Team work involving 1000 hands whereby I am the one who instigates, investigates and initiates and then synthesises in a sort of ironic sensitive freedom. I am ready to listen, but the others do the talking and drop the mask to reveal themselves somehow, in a project that is almost craftsmanship."
40 photos including Isabella Ferrari, Violante Placido, Miriam Leone, Emma Marrone, Matteo
Cibic, Levante and many others who have shared this creative intimacy with him.

A look expressed in a single shot, in a desire to stop time in a sort of magical realism. “I take painstaking care with preparation of my lights and set, following faultless logistics that mean I can then forget it all and devote myself to telling a story in images. For Pitti, the need was not to focus on a single fitting, but to represent them as a whole. I eliminated every single detail, every element, concentrating on the regular intensity of colour and at this point on movement. A jump, a twirl, a gesture.
Breaking a figure down and then putting it back together with no arithmetic anatomy, as if it were a sculpture, a multitude of people fused in colour with a dynamic static quality.

Creator of editorial projects and of campaigns for many brands, Emilio Tini would like to be a film director when he grows up.