FLAVOR debuts

The event dedicated to the high-end range of the Ho.re.ca. industry organized by Pitti Immagine and Fiere di Parma. First edition in Florence, from 4 to 6 October 2020, at the Fortezza da Basso

Innovative format with a focus on different moments for food and beverage consumption – BREAK & BREAKFAST, LUNCH & DINNER, APPETIZER & AFTER – the protagonists, a selection of premium brands and innovative food&beverage products,  for a unique and global perspective  onto new ‘out of home’ trends.

FLAVOR is the brand new exhibition format for members of the trade that presents the state-of-the-art in the Ho.re.ca premium world. The international trade show is organized by Pitti Immagine and Fiere di Parma, and will be held in Florence every two years – with the first edition scheduled from 4 to 6 October 2020 – in the spaces of the Fortezza da Basso.
The event, which is aimed at a public of sector-related professionals working in the Out of home premium industry, will offer essential updates on new global trends and a meticulous selection of brands and firms which – from food to lifestyle, from services to new technologies – are looking to satisfy a strategic market segment for business.
FLAVOR bears the signature of two international players in the trade fair industry – Pitti Immagine and Fiere di Parma – that decided to combine and integrate their respective experiences and professionalism.
Pitti Immagine, the leading Florentine firm that organizes international fairs dedicated to fashion and lifestyle (Pitti Uomo, Pitti Bimbo, Pitti Filati, and Fragranze), with a special focus on the world of food excellences (Taste); and Fiere di Parma, one of the leading Italian trade fair platforms, which includes Cibus, the International Food Exhibition, among its top events.
Florence, the city of beauty, savoir vivre, excellences and internationalism was selected as the ideal location: here, where taste and hospitality become culture, Flavor will create new connections, business opportunities and experiences. Fulcrum of the new exhibition project will be the Fortezza da Basso, which will open its doors up to the city of Florence, while involving it in its special program of events.
Flavor will have a unique and creative format for a select audience of professional players who will immediately recognize themselves in the style and proposals of the show: specialized members of the trade in the Ho.re.ca production and distribution channel, procurement offices from leading chains of hotels, restaurants, and the cruise industry; but also catering, department stores, co-working spaces, food delivery, dark kitchens, and much more.
The protagonists of a well-appointed selection of exhibitors will be companies on the international scene that stand out for the quality of their products and for the original labels and lines dedicated to high-end Ho.re.ca, with a presence in the most successful kitchens in Italy and abroad. Contemporary and dynamic productions presented by leading names in the food industry and by a select variety of firms that know how to combine tradition and innovation, in terms of quality ingredients, seasonality, creativity and passion, provide services for a world of hospitality and dining that is attentive to every detail. 
The layout - curated with the collaboration of Paola Navone, one of the most eclectic protagonists on the international design scene – will revolutionize the traditional concept of trade fair settings: brand new is the exhibition format that will highlight the common areas, the areas for tasting, processing, and the transformation of the product, thus exalting the scope of experiences and conviviality that represents one of the leading trends on the food scene today. The experience of Flavor will revolve around the elegant “food courts”: squares for tasting, and experimenting with samplings and combinations of products, which are located along the pathway connecting the different exhibition realities.
The spaces of the Fortezza da Basso will not be divided according to the specific product type, but according to the three dedicated thematic areas, with each one representing a different moment for food and beverage consumption throughout the day
_ Break & Breakfast
_ Lunch & Dinner
_ Appetizer & After
This too is an important innovation in format, conceived to encourage harmonies and synergies between products and producers, with the aim of making the exhibition path more legible while also representing the fundamental focuses of the contemporary food scene. 
Completing the picture will be “Spazi cucina”: areas fitted with the most modern equipment where exhibitors will be able to present and cook their products, with maximum attention to the quality of services, and the ways of presenting food and consuming it, reflecting the evolution of formats in the modern-day food services industry. 
“Flavor is an original project that is also a successor to well-structured experiences - says Raffaello Napoleone, Pitti Immagine CEO – for which we have integrated the expertise of Pitti Immagine and Fiere di Parma, thanks to the fortunate entrepreneurial intuition of Firenze Fiera which was first to understand the potential of this event in Florence. It is a fair dedicated to the very best Italian and international firms that work for the premium Ho.re.ca system. At the center of the project is the product, with its original qualities and potentialities even before the different product types, and a completely new, even experimental, exhibition format, with which to recount how food, table, and hospitality experiences are changing. Flavor is a new challenge, in which we put the knowledge and sensibility we have acquired over time in fashion and lifestyle, but also in the food niche, at the service of a demanding market, which thinks and moves globally and quickly.”

"We are very satisfied with this collaboration with Pitti Immagine – says Antonio Cellie, CEO of Fiere di Parma – which sees Fiere di Parma continue its strategy of vertical alliances with trade fair organizational bodies par excellence (as in the case of Bellavita or Cibus Tec) that work in key sectors for Made in Italy. The need for an event exclusively dedicated to the Ho.re.ca. premium&contemporary channel, which combines creativity and business, and exhibition and lifestyle, arises from the need directly expressed by food&beverage firms offering dedicated and exceptional products to the out of home channel, which are unable to find a trade fair of reference on the national panorama.”