Shareholders' Meeting of Pitti Immagine. Approved the budget for the years 2012-13 and renoved the Board of Directors.

Confirmed Gaetano Marzotto as Chairman of the Company. New menbers: Francesco Barberis Canonico, Andrea Lardini, Claudio Marenzi and Toni Scervino.

The Shareholders' Meeting of Pitti Immagine has been held today, February 27th, in Florence. The budget for the year 2012-2013 and the budget for the current year have been both unanimously approved. 

The Assembly also approved the composition of the new Board of Directors for the years 2014/2017, and approved the confirmation of Gaetano Marzotto Chairman of the Company: 
_ Francesco Barberis Canonico (new entry) 
_ Leandro Gualtieri (confirm) 
_ Andrea Lardini (new entry) 
_ Claudio Marenzi (new entry) 
_ Gaetano Marzotto (confirm) 
_ Raffaello Napoleone (confirm) 
_ Franco Penè (confirm) 
_ Laudomia Pucci Barsento (confirm) 
_ Monica Sarti (confirmation) 
_ Toni Scervino (new entry)
The English Press Release will be available soon.