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A country which, over the past few seasons - and through an interesting platform such as the Copenhagen Fashion Week together with all the tradeshows held in the capital city - has created a niche for itself among the most interesting places when it comes to cutting edge fashion. The designers who will be participating in the special project dedicated to Denmark were selected by Tom Stiefel-Kristensen, on the basis of a criterion that highlights their different modes of creative expression as well as their “Scandinavian soul”.

Tom Steifel-Kristensen

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One of the biggest experts on Scandinavian fashion, as well as a founding member of the Danish Fashion Institute and the contest for young talents Designers’Nest - on the basis of a criterion that highlights their different modes of creative expression as well as their “Scandinavian soul”.  
“One important component of Scandinavian fashion’s DNA”, says Tom Stiefel-Kristensen, “is definitely the “democratic design” that was born in the wake of the famous design and furnishing items created between the 1930s and 60s. Those items were created with the aim of combining quality design and affordable prices. In other words, it is was a non-elite approach to design and it has had an enormous influence on today’s designers and fashion brands. However, during the past decade we have seen more diversification and more individual interpretations, especially within the Danish fashion scene, with young creatives who have had greater exposure to other cultures and other lifestyles. The result of this mix has put a new twist on Scandinavian tradition, with brighter colors and bolder expressions of style that have all enriched and broadened its  horizons”. 

Aase Hopstock

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Norwegian born Aase Hopstock graduated with 1st class honours from the prestigious Cordwainers College  at London College of Fashion, following in the footsteps of Charlotte Olympia, Nicholas Kirkwood and Jimmy Choo. Upon graduation the designer spent several years working with the extraordinary Tracey Neuls before launching  her eponymous label in 2011. She draws on her adopted hometown London for inspiration, and looks to both modern art and sculpture, as well as the ever present influence of Hollywood pin-ups and femme fatales to create her unmistakably luscious designs.
Every pair is carefully crafted at a small family-run, artisan factory in Elda, Spain. Painstaking attention to detail and supreme quality becomes evident in a product that oozes luxury, from butter soft leathers and memory foam padded insoles to sumptuous packaging. No expense is spared to create a truly state of the art product. The delicate trademark gold cherry blossom features on every sole, adding a discrete and delicious sparkle to your stride.

Anne Vest

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Anne Vest Furhouse consider our selves a very strong North European high-end fashion brand. We stride to create clothes, which is as much about sculpturing your silhouette as it is showing you as this vivid, urban and sophisticated beauty. A sophisticated look with a wink of darkness, that gives you the freedom to grow your individuality. The DNA of Anne Vest Furhouse is foremost a new angle on the whole fur designs – to emphasize the modern urban wardrobe by implicating the contrasts of the dark rock attitude versus the feminine and poetic couture look.

It is north European design aimed for the people wanting the absolute best in fashion. The colors are tones of black, and the materials are of the highest quality of sheepskin, silk, leather, jersey, stretch-leather, knitwear and all the fur and leather come from European eatable animals.
The ANNE VEST collections of ANNE VEST furhouse consist of pants, dresses, skirts, blouses, t-shirts, tops, coats and jackets – this is a new take on the fur industry. Instead of just creating fur and leather ANNE VEST furhouse implicates other materials to create a universe and a complete wardrobe. 

Freya Dalsjo

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Freya Dalsjö is an emerging designer from Denmark. After living in Berlin she moved to Antwerp to study fashion at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. In June 2012 she launched her own brand from her studio in Copenhagen, and same year she was grated the honour to open Copenhagen Fashion Weekday SS13.

Freya Dalsjö has an artistic approach to fashion, questioning “how to suit yourself”, manipulating perceptions of what you see, feel and hear. She ignores conventions of a capitalistic society through her creation of non-compromising, non-doubting, confident, sculptural and womens wear. The press: "The Freya Dalsjö woman is not even doubting. She is not innocent nor naive. She is not pretending nor looking for validation. She is confident, impressive, outstanding and seductive. She doesn't uniform herself with clothes, she frames herself in it."
Based in Copenhagen, MINORO offers a capsule line of women’s clothes rather than another big collection. The name MINORO comes from the Latin word meaning cut down to the bone. The brand will focus on 35 sophisticated, key essentials targeting women 30+. Each piece is a limited edition.
The style is modern and sensual, designed for global women who travel and like to dress in stylish yet comfortable designer clothes. Our aim is to create pieces with an exceptional fit – both in terms of their figures and their lifestyle. With styles that frame and flatter a woman’s best features and add a strong sense of individuality. The two founders and business partners are: Creative Design Director Mr.Michael Kristensen and Sourcing & Production Director Mrs. Seyhan Melbye.

Moon Spoon

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Founded and headed by designer Sara Sachs, Moonspoon Saloon is a creative collective that integrates art with fashion. Working simultaneously with art and fashion, Moonspoon Saloon creates collections with an emotional sensibility - and it's playful . The creative team has an ongoing fascination with the potential of clothing and body.The label consistently explore new terrain with gender bending pieces while keeping a sense of family to the entire body of work. The SS13 collection “No Chocolate” was a return to exclusive materials and classic themes found in the early collections. Moonspoon Saloon have several times collaborated with painters Tal R and Evren Tekinoktay for their performances at MoCa Los Angeles, Victoria Miro London, Armory Show New York  and Charlottenborg Palace Copenhagen. This has placed Moonspoon Saloon on the frontiers of the art/fashion movement not only in Denmark but surely Scandinavia.

Stine Ladefoged

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Stine Ladefoged is a Danish brand founded in 2009 by designer Stine Ladefoged after she graduated from Danmarks Designskole. Knitwear and jersey garments made with Scandinavian simplicity and innovative detailing, are the key words for Stine Ladefoged's collections.

The detailing come to life through both draping and experimenting with different techniques on the knitting machine. She works with combining different gauges, such as fine gauge and bulky gauge to get more variation in the volume and structure of the knit. The materials are high quality yarns and fabrics with wool as one of the absolut favourites.

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