Fashion Diary Pitti W 13

"If I ever say "Style is a way of being", give me a good slap. Everyone knows what style is, even my cat. Style is a pot pourri of ingredients. It’s culture, it’s observing the world around you, it’s mood, passion, and curiosity"

I certainly don’t have to struggle with my conscience in order not to begin my “Fashion Diary” with the three standard adjectives. I believe that the three standard adjectives are a social plague, boredom with life, the Milan-Bari highway non-stop, the same hairstyle  Donatello Versace has been wearing for a million years. Lethal boredom. I have to explain myself, because otherwise they will imply that my standard setting is on crazy: “the standard three” are the words that generally start a post or piece about a fashion show, or fashion event in general. And beginnings such as “…The Pitti Uomo woman is feminine, energetic, innovative, and she wants a change…” are part of the (fashionista’s) daily fare. Well, I will only say that I have frequently fallen in love with women’s clothes and just as many items for men that I, that means  a woman 8 until proved otherwise would wear. I’ve also fallen in love with a couple of gorgeous guys – made for women – even though it was hard to find them in that endless sea of barbarians. So, it all works.
I won’t apologize for the fact that the pictures aren’t good, I did my best and here are a few shots of what I liked.

What are we going to do about it?


“I am not a blogger”, says  Anna K. I say that I am. What are we going to do about it? 

Mrs or Miss, Melis Yildiz!


Ms. Melis Yildiz, who wears her hair in style that I’ve been thinking about for a long time (mussed, blonde and blunt cut) made me happy to be a woman because only women can wear marvelous red shoes – that you can coordinate with a clutch that has room for much more than just a cell phone and loose cash.

Rich Kids.....Can I be your muse?


Recently I’ve begun to like “being tough” – looking like someone who just ran away from home wearing leggings and pop hats. Was Rich Kids thinking about me? Can I be your muse? My old email address was queenlucy@.... It must be destiny.

What I like most.... socks.... Alto Milano


After a pizza with 30 pounds of mozzarella, my bicycle and my cat, socks are what I love the most. Alto Milano makes them with tulle at the ankles: I like to think it’s a ballerina sock, to wear “only in the best bars in Caracas” – sort of like the ad for Pampero rum.   

Aristide.... the sexiest gloves brand


I don’t know why it’s called Aristide, but this brand that makes the most sexy-pop-mix-and-match gloves in the world was a real discovery: leather and PVC in gloves that certainly aren’t standard length – but I would buy them right away. But, I would call them “Penelope” style – and don’t ask me why.

 If there is a cliché, the mother of all clichés at the second day of Pitti is “Look, I’m beat” – yes on the second day because it’s as if you had to do everything on the first day, to get a head start, sort of. By the way, I say it too, I can’t stand self for saying it.  But the Pitti-effect is destructive: I wear out my eyes and feet looking and walking, and even my fingertips on the keyboard of my Mac. But, I am happy. To my great joy, I found another five items that are really more than just not bad: 5 items, BINGO (does that mean that I win an item of my choice?).

Alejandro Ingelmo: to copy


They let me take pictures of these shoes by Alejandro Ingelmo simply because they are “old”, from last season, otherwise if I published the new ones on line people would rush to make copies. To be truthful, if I couldn’t find these shoes – that I really want at this point, I’d start looking for a good knockoff. 

Rosso Ortys: love that I can


I love red, it’s  my favorite color; in fact after my daily laps in the pool, I don’t dry my hair (and the pain in my neck proves it), and I don’t swathe myself in creams, instead I put on layers of Mac or Tom Ford red lipstick. So…when I saw the Ortys necklace I was ecstatic. Can you just see it on a strapless dress? I sure can!. 

Frends: did he want us to be fri(i)ends?


The first thing the gentleman at the stand showed me was the picture of Chiara Ferragni wearing a pair of Frends earmuffs. Do I have a sign on my forehead that says “I am a blogger?” I mean, is it serious? Is it positive or not? Panic. In any case, he let me try those fantastic earmuffs and then pretend that I was taking pictures with my cell phone. The worst pictures I’ve ever taken. What a character…he want us to be fri(i)ends?



Here it gets personal: I like the Casamadre kids, they are simpatico, good looking, kindhearted and as I say, “really sweet”. Their item that really got to me, deep into my heart is this pair of white shoes. Me…the one who always thought that white on any shoe is tacky. Every once in a while I have to change my opinion, I don’t, I do, I don’t …

Swedish Hasbeens causes imagination overload


Right from the start, I envisioned them with white socks – the ones with lace trim, a black skirt and white blouse. I imagined me wearing them. I’ve got to stop playing with my imagination because imagining too much leads to controllable desires to own…I want those Swedish Hasbeens, I want them. (I’ll get them).


If, on the third day, the God of heaven and earth and all things visible and invisible, created the trees and plants, the Pitti Deus created sunglasses. Because, on the third and next-to-the-last day we really need something to cover the accessories we inevitably wear under our eyes – bags !

And so, I too, with my bags – black because I wanted them to match my outfit – got a pair of sunglasses from the Pitti divinity, and through them I shot pictures of other magnetic items – the things that I liked straight off.

Caterina Mariani


I met her at Polimoda a while back, and now she’s here, stitching cherries onto necklaces (and what necklaces!!). Caterina is one of those who makes jewels that are understated, feminine, ironic and elegant all at once. Caterina is one cool talent (congratulations my dear).


Hypanema: I’m already on a surfboard


Actually, more than the bracelets, I fixated on the big, golden i’zarre rings. Anyway, all accessories are welcome, especially if they remind me of summer (I am in favor of seasons, I hate people who say “I wish it were summer”, but I’ve been sick, on and off, for about three months because of this crazy weather, and so…). To be entirely truthful, the Hypanema bracelets catapulted me onto a surfboard off the coast of an island somewhere out there.

Leghilà: is but isn’t


How pretty. The clutch bags by Leghilà are items that would be complex because of their shape, but aren’t because of the material. In brief, I adore the thing that should be something but really isn’t and in the end is something well made. You do understand, don’t you. 

L’F shoes: shoes and vanity


Are you really going to wear your workout socks with glittery shoes? Yes, Licia Florio did and was right. She took a pair from her collection L’F Shoes and wore it around the fair. But, I think it was the shoes that wanted to have their picture taken.


Grazie Polina Firenze


When I see jewels with a panther, I think of movies with beautiful but diabolical women wearing heavy eyeliner and very low-cut dresses. .The same thing happened when my sunglass-shrouded eyes settled on those earrings by Polina Firenze: instead of a frump with dirty hair wearing “sensible” shoes, I saw myself as one really fabulous dame. Thank you Polina. 

It’s a little sad. Because when something great comes to an end, you sort of make a quick imaginary summary and wish it had lasted longer. Because Florence is Florence and because Pitti is old friends, new acquaintances, healthy anxiety, discoveries and dinners with that wonderful Florentine bread-and-vegetable soup, ribollita.

And even though I was sad, I didn’t stage a protest walkout, and I kept on filling my Fashion Diary with pictures of the coolest things around.

I feel like a goddess with Nudo by Morph, even if I’m nude


This time, I’ll start with fragrances, one of my great passions (among many) because I was happily surprised to find a dedicated corner at Pitti W. I didn’t know Morph, which is actually a unisex brand that you can only find in concept stores as opposed to cosmetics and fragrances shops. I don’t know if it’s coincidence, but my favorite perfume is called Nudo, a blend of notes of incense and the memory of the smell of coca plants reproduced in the laboratory (and that is a coincidence since I don’t do drugs). I could only wear Nudo to feel like a goddess – nude of course. 

Muuse even if I’m not a muse


As soon as I saw it, I through “Noooo, the class, the elegance…” The label is Muuse and I can see myself wearing the dress, like a diva from the past with my hair tied back and medium-heeled shoes with a slightly pointed toe (I said “slightly”). 

I am not a muse, but I would look good wearing it anyway.

The short boot by La Martina


Yup, it’s the season of the short boot, you see all kinds, especially in black with a lug sole, but who cares…I like them. I especially like the short boot by La Martina: a used look, in red – my favorite color, and perfect with my skinny jeans and checked shirt. To be truthful, the whole collection astounded me, in a positive way I mean. Isn’t it great to be able to change your mind?. 

Paskal: I say Ukraine


First I discovered Paskal and then I started to dream. I dreamed because the dresses, the coats, everything was awesome. Do we want to talk about this “holey” dress? About how much I’d want to wear it – I don’t know when, but we can always find a “when”, can’t we? Let’s talk about it. And should we put all our money on Ukraine? 

“Kissing” shoes by Breno Cintra Pugliesi

Shoes can kiss each other too, because they have their own kindred spirits. I know because I saw it myself, and not one or two, but lots of “couples” happily together, skin on skin. 

The daddy, of those happy couples I admired with my own eyes at Villa Favard is called Breno Cintra Pugliesi, and he’s from Brazil. Breno is a former student in Footwear & Accessories Design at Polimodar, and he is cool – because he is good-looking (well, what’s wrong with that?), but mainly because he is down-to-earth.
I tried to ask him some of those “inspirational” questions that almost always trigger pseudo-philosophical answers that no one understands. So, it was a pleasant surprise when I heard his marvelously normal explanations. Breno took his inspiration from human evolution, he began at the beginning and arrived at Cyber . Period. The End. Amen.
Actually, my insight about the kiss does have something to do with his imagination: the kiss is exquisitely human. Then, if you add in the soles of some of the shoes, you fit them together and see a human skull (I could even draw the eyes, nose and mouth) and so, it’s true, shoes are complementary but never as complementary as Breno’s. 
Then he talked about plaster, about clay and I didn’t understand. Well, it took a while, but I finally got it. Breno has been “playing” with these materials since he was a child, shaping, creating. And then I made him say it: first he draws on paper, then he makes models in plaster or clay, and while he works on them he changes his drawings until he finally makes his prototypes in leather – not flesh and blood. An ongoing work-in-progress. 
In essence, Breno’s shoes are different, alien, simple but meticulously constructed. The short black boot has pieces of cork on the inside of the ankle – just to give an example. They are conceptual, but not the kind of conceptual that can get on your nerves because it’s “too too” – I’d rather call it “future” femininity, but a future femininity that fits the present.