Gastronomic industry sustainability grows together with technological innovation, which impacts on all the different phases of the value chain. Here is a selection of the best innovative companies in the Food sector supported by UniCredit Start Lab.

3BEE - Innovative company developing intelligent monitoring and diagnostic systems for bees’ health

BIORFARM – Platform that allows users to adopt trees, follow the organic cultivation online and receive fresh, seasonal fruit at home.

TOMATO+ – Plug and play greenhouse for hydroponic cultivation with biodegradable pods of herbs, vegetables and sprouts.

Startups and scale-ups finding their market in the agrifood industry through sustainability and innovation. ‘Made in Italy’ initiatives that aim to become international benchmarks, also thanks to UniCredit Start Lab.

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When technology meets biodiversity.
3Bee, born from an idea that puts the bee at the centre, has developed Hive Tech, a hive 4.0 for the protection of bees’ health and the biodiversity that surrounds them.  
Bio-mimetic sensors installed in the hive allow beekeepers to monitor the bees' biological parameters, such as sound spectrum, weight, internal and external temperature, and humidity, directly from the 3Bee app at any time.  
With over 3,000 technological beekeepers the startup is preserving bees’ health by limiting their death rate by 30%. With the beehive adoption project, 3Bee supports the work of beekeepers and enhances the value of 100% Italian and genuine honey.

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Users, partners and farmers: one big family!
Biorfarm is the First Digital Company created to support local farmers, forming a direct bond between producers of sustainable food and those who consume it. Users can follow the planting and progress of an orchard becoming real digital farmers and also contributing to CO2 absorption. Adopting a tree this way will be a unique experience allowing you to watch its progress towards production. You receive organic fruits delivered directly to your home.

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Zero Impact Vegetable Pods
Tomato + is a plug and play greenhouse for the hydroponic cultivation with biodegradabile pods of herbs, vegetables and sprouts. The Tomato+ hydroponic greenhouses are for both domestic and professional use, for the Ho.Re.Ca. and for the large-scale distribution. They do not require the intervention of specialized technicians and work in an automated way. Tomato + wants to reduce the transport costs of vegetables, reduce water waste by up to 95% and CO2 emissions, as well as favor the production of healthy and nutrient-rich products.

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