Fashion wears innovation: UniCredit Start Lab supports and promotes italian start-ups and scale-ups that prove that a sustainable fashion is possible

Fashion sustainability grows together with technological innovation, which impacts on all the different phases of the value chain. Here is a selection of the best innovative fashion companies supported by UniCredit Start Lab. 

BOOM - The world of commercial fashion photography reshaped by an automated production system for the acquisition of visual content at scale.

VELASCA - A mixture of innovation, tradition and Made in Italy for men's footwear

CERTILOGO - A platform that applies artificial intelligence to the verification of authenticity and traceability of products.

FILIPARI - Marble powder transformed into a patented fabric.

Startups and scale-ups finding their market in the fashion industry through sustainability and innovation. ‘Made in Italy’ initiatives that aim to become international benchmarks, also thanks to UniCredit Start Lab.

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Content factory. A studio of industrial scale
Founded in 2018, BOOM is an Italian scale-up that’s transforming the way visual assets are produced and acquired by companies around the world.

With the Content Factory, specializing in solutions for fashion, beauty and digital merchandising, BOOM optimizes scalable production and workflow, processing over 5,000 images a week (from ghost mannequins to flat lays and 3D images), all within 72h.

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From the artisans directly to you
Velasca's mens shoes travel the world starting from the Marche, one of the best known Italian regions for the art of handcrafted footwear. And from our artisans workshop they come directly to you.

Velasca recognises the difference that a skilled hand and a deep-rooted tradition can make on the quality of a product; Velasca promotes stories, through the team's perception that rediscovers the beauty of Italy's local craftsmanship.

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Because great products are only the beginning
Certilogo is a global consumer engagement and product authentication platform that helps Fashion and Luxury Brands to engage loyal, high-value consumers everywhere they shop, and to promote transparency and sustainability initiatives. 

Born in 2006, Certilogo is a disruptive digital service that has grown to serve 1 user every 8 seconds in 180+ countries and 10 languages. Winner of the "Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Fashion" in 2018-2019.

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Marble becomes fabric
Fili Pari develops women's garments made with MARM \ MORE®, the 1st marble-based fabric in the world, patented by Fili Pari.

The startup promotes unconventional materials for the textile sector, respecting the environment and the territory. The company is focused on cutting-edge technology for the enhancement of marble powders, with the aim of designing new products able to combine style, innovation and technical performances.

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