Technology plays a key role in the fashion industry's transition to new paradigms of reuse, recycling and focus on the environment and on people. 

UniCredit concretely supports Italian companies by providing them with financial resources, expertise and innovative tools for sustainable, digital and financial growth.  

Digitization allows fashion companies to optimize production time and costs at all stages of the production chain and to develop production methods that differ from traditional ones, reducing their environmental impact.

That is why we have developed the Together4Digital project, designed to support the digital transformation of the fashion industry: a path to be taken alongside the company that aims to grow the business and improve competitiveness in the market.

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An innovative, digital and sustainable approach is in the DNA of the Group, that for this edition of Pitti Uomo will host at the UniCredit Lounge TwinOne, a tech company specialized in digital solutions for the creative industry with the vision to help product-based brands to became more versatile, quick and sustainable by using 3D technology.

Come and visit us at the UniCredit Lounge! (Ground Floor, H1)


The digital transformation of creativity
The TwinOne SEE* software is a solution that allows creative professionals to express their ideas visually and edit them in real time with hyper-realistic quality. It’s a versatile software for product design, as well as a powerful storytelling tool and it is so easy to use as it was developed from a designer’s perspective.

After importing a 3D Digital Twin of any product, it allows to design in real time new materials, create infinite product collections, realize 3D immersive product presentation and produce "true to life" images and 360° videos with zero render times.

Thanks to its expertise, TwinOne provides training and consultancy services to companies who are about to begin their digital transformation or are looking to improve their current processes.

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*The beta version of TwinOne SEE is available from June 2022 onwards.