Eco attitude
Edition 15
Sustainable? Yes, but ethical and engagé too. The fashion of the future does not waste the planet’s resources. And with the same spirit, it transforms collections into creative and socially useful projects.
The Dotz project comes from the heart and combines fashion with respect for people and the land in which they live. Dotz’s moccasins and packaging are made from 100% recycled materials. The biological cotton used for the footwear is worked by Brazilian women in Paraíba from difficult social backgrounds. The box instead is made from plastic waste. The result is a sophisticated collection with bright colors and an eco-sustainable soul. This is a project that has already received a significant response, like the partnership with Boglioli.

Since it was founded, in 1986, the Eribé brand has been creating luxury knitwear with an eco-sustainable spirit. The influences of the iconic Scottish design are clearly evident. The inspiration for the typical patterns that decorate the soft, warm cardigans and sweaters in Shetland and Merino wool come from the deep North and, more precisely, Fair Isle.

An atelier of brooches, clasps and jewels, a magical place in the heart of the great India, where local craftsmen work using very ancient techniques. The Trovelore project goes beyond the production of these valuable objects, placing respect for the Indian craftsmen and the local communities where they live at the center, guaranteeing protected and sustainable working conditions and contributing to their cultural and social development.

RUN OF Runanarchy attitude is a very young Tuscan brand that produces sneakers made from unsold warehouse stock and leather of food origin, therefore 100% biodegradable. The same attention is paid to the packaging: 100% recycled cardboard. Another feature: the total transparency of the information and the traceability of the raw materials. In fact, their website contains links to all the companies involved in the production of the individual models.

Elegant, comfortable, totally in step with the times. Closca products are the result of a design inspired by architecture and careful research into the materials. The technology of the helmets for riding bicycles or scooters in total safety makes it possible to fold them and reduce space. The borosilicate glass bottles for storing water that is always pure and odorless, on the other hand, are covered in non-slip silicon and can be attached to a backpack or bicycle.

The strong point of BE YOU - Géraldine Alasio is definitely the close and intense relationship with the land in which the collections were born: Mongolia, with its nature and people who are so distant in terms of culture and customs. This is where an entrepreneurial project came about that, on one side has been able to involve local communities in an exchange of knowledge and expertise and, on the other has created a new way of experiencing cashmere, respecting this precious raw material with new creative and contemporary content.

Chpo was set up in 2013 by a multi-talented team of artists, skaters and snowboarders. The basic idea: to reject any form of discrimination and incentivize different types of talent, interests and styles. The social commitment is blended with the creative experience that, in each collection, launches eyewear and watches in new shapes and new materials: in fact, the proceeds go to projects by nonprofit associations.