Florence  ·  10 - 12 April 2021
A festival with Fuori di Glutine and l’Alveare che dice Sì!, and the Food Photography event organized by Click4Food
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11.03.2018 10:00
Fuori Di Taste is organizing three special events dedicated to all round “good” food

The FUORI DI GLUTINE event is to be held on Saturday 10 March, from 10.00 to 19.00, in the female co-working space, Co-Stanza: it’s a gluten-free market organized by the Associazione ChiaraGaia – Gluten Free Travel and Living to discover, taste and buy products from small companies that have expanded their range of products in this particular sector.
Also present will be a selection of artisans and local associations that stand out for their originality and the ethical nature of their initiatives, as well as volunteers from the Italian Coeliac Disease Association in Florence, who will be on hand to provide information. During the day, there will be several “FOOD & NATURE” workshops, organized with Probios, the historic Tuscan company that has been a pioneer in organic and health foods.

The Farmers’ Market from the L’Alveare che dice Sì! network (the Italian version of The Food Assembly) will also be held in the same place and at the same times: it’s an event dedicated to natural products, with short distribution chains and high quality. The producers, who supply the Food Assembly in Florence every week, will be offering a selection of high quality, zero-kilometre cheeses, cured meats, pasta, biscuits, fruit and vegetables. Apart from tasting the products, visitors can also buy them and hear directly from the farmers – often young people who have gone back to work on the land – about their experiences. There will also be free “FOOD AND NATURE” workshops, with the aim of rediscovering the contact with nature that we often find we have lost. L’Alveare che dice Sì! is a website (www.alvearechedicesi.it) that brings producers and consumers together and allows people to do their 0km shopping simply online.
Finally, following the success of the last event, Food Photography by Click4Food is back: the popular project that offers food photography experiences in food locations in the city. The event will be on Sunday 11 March from 11.00 to 14.00, in the versatile MOMIO restaurant in San Frediano. Breakfast, lunch or a photography course? These will be the three key elements of the new SUNDAY PHOTO BRUNCH, a special workshop, where food photography will be accompanied by live photo reportage and a British-inspired Sunday lunch.