Tentative events Calendar of Pitti Bimbo 87 21 June - 19 January 2019

P.O.P. PITTI OPTICAL POWER, the theme of the summer fairs

Stripes that move, wiggle and meet up again creating a whirlpool or crossroads in a cheerful game that escapes the austerity of black and white and, through color, proposes a visual and virtual celebration. A “happy” dimension that contaminates every space, redesigning it according to an entertaining strategy. Plus, the P.O.P. Arena, a new bar/lounge area decorated in optical Technicolor will make the Pitti experience even more enjoyable for exhibitors and visitors alike.   All within a set design conceived and designed by lifestyler Sergio Colantuoni.

#ACTIVELAB, metropolitan active research

Padiglione Cavaniglia, Cavaniglia Studio

#Activelab is getting bigger.  This is the new research laboratoryat Pitti Bimbo: the same DNA as Kidzfizz but with a street and sportimprint.  A layout with playfully feisty tones will welcome a selection of international brands that experiment with sportswear, street and activewear, spheres that have cool connotations in the world of children.  

APARTMENT, the luxury soul of contemporary tailoring for kids


Apartment represents the space devoted to contemporary luxury.  A unique section with a dedicated and always high impact layout for presenting particularly sophisticated clothing and accessories collections aimed at the most exclusive boutiques.  

KidzFIZZ, the Pitti Bimbo concept lab

Padiglione Medici + Archivi

KidzFIZZ is the Pitti Bimbo concept lab that brings together the most creative collections by brands that experiment with shapes, materials and presentation styles.  Research, creative exploration, the contaminations between fashion and design and the important presence of accessories will all be showcased. Layout curated byStorage Associati.

FANCY ROOM: a tutto lifestyle

Central Pavilion, Lower Floor

Fancy Room is the space dedicated to lifestyles: from design to small accessories, from gadgets to technology, all with a high creative coefficient.  This is an entertaining island-space where it is possible to find a series of special products.  Eyewear, furnishing accessories, games, pocket technology, stationery, useful and useless objects that are always surprising. 

THE NEST: the unmissable “up-and-coming” brands

Central Pavilion, Lower Floor

The Nest is an exclusive selection of small independent brands and “up-and-coming” companies worth keeping an eye on, selected in collaboration with Little Pop Up Berlin, the Berlin concept lab/store.  


Central Pavilion, Lower Floor

New creative input from the Editorials, the two large walls that showcase the search for special objects. Here are the new themes:  
_ Builders of Tomorrow: hazard signs, warning signs, reflective elements, hardhats, various tools, these all belong to a language that kids understand and adore and that, in the building site of fashion and play, offer ironic inspiration.
_Jingle Jangle Jungle: invasive and interfering greenery, luxuriant, tropical, rich and intricate vegetation, enormous leaves in different colors, lianas, fig trees, acacias, banana trees which involve clothing, accessories and miscellaneous objects in a vegetable-based exploration.

KID’S EVOLUTION: from fashion “for adults” to capsule collections in a mini format

Central Pavilion, Lower Floor, Cavedio

Kid's Evolution is a project devised by Alessandro Enriquez for Pitti Bimbo.  It is a section dedicated to designers who carry out research in the adult world and who have created a capsule collection for kids with high creative potential. 


Central Pavilion, Ground Floor

At this edition Fashion Comics, the project which is the brainchild of Alessandro Enriquez realized in collaboration with Pitti Bimbo, stars the UGLYDOLLS, comical characters created in 2001 by two designers as the result of their long distance love story.  The special “mini-me” capsule collections realized by fashion designers for adults will be inspired by Ice Bat, Ox and Moxy, cute puppets that spread a universal message of love, joy, uniqueness and diversity.


Central Pavilion, Cavedio

A selection of international illustrators drawn from the exhibition at the Bologna Children's Book Fair. Pitti Bimbo chooses and proposes a team of interesting illustrators, considered to be some of the best, to create a bridge between publishing and fashion.

The Pitti Bimbo section: designer labels and the big children’s fashion brands

Padiglione Centrale + Area Monumentale + Costruzioni Lorenesi + Piazzale delle Ghiaia + Giardino del Glicine

This is the section that has its heart in the Main Pavilion: a rich and solid offering for infants through to teens featuring historic children’s clothing brands that have evolved to create a lifestyle that is coherent with their own esthetic rules and designer brands, the offspring of mom and dad’s fashion. 

The Green Generation of EcoEthic

Central Pavilion, Ground Floor

Sustainability takes the stage with Ecoethic.  This is a section expressly dedicated to organic materials, ethics and respect for the environment throughout the production chain.  A philosophy that is gradually becoming very widespread. 

Sport Generation: increasingly active

Padiglione Cavaniglia + Cortile Cavaniglia

Sport Generation is the planet that hosts the big names in sportswear and activewear. The focus is on leisure clothing in this space where the protagonists are the most important international names in childrenswear and collections for kids. 

Superstreet, 100% urban inclination

Padiglione Fureria + Padiglione delle Ghiaia + Cortile del Teatrino

SuperStreet is the Pitti Bimbo section that gives a voice to the always lively denim universe and the street inclination of junior and teen clothing, increasingly connected to the world of Sport Generation.  A colorful and dynamic world lit up with graphics and irony on outfits designed for kids who are free to play. 

e-Pitti.com Studios

Dogana, First Floor

Via Valfonda 25, Firenze

The Creative Hub of Pitti Immagine's online fairs. Discover how Pitti Bimbo becomes digital. Special Press Corner.

kid’s wear Magazine presents Picture me wild!

Central Pavilion, Ground Floor

With a resounding "rooooar", kid’s wear Magazine invites the public of Pitti Bimbo to discover the kid’s wear photo wall, a special photographic wall erected at the ground floor of the Central Pavilion. Here is the claim: “choose the animal that matches your lively spirit, take an amusing selfie and publish it on Instagram with the hashtag #kidswearmagazine_PictureMeWild. The best photos will be rewarded with a special crocheted "adventure companion"!

STYLE PICCOLI celebrates 10 years with an exhibition

Central Pavilion, Lower Floor

Step after step, photograph after photograph, the journey of Style Piccoli, the RCS magazine dedicated to children’s lifestyles has reached the age of ten years old: a journey which has seen children and fashions change. To mark the occasion the Style Piccoli space at the lower floor of the Central Pavilion is hosting an exhibition of iconic photos. 

ELLE KIDS little ones become opinion leaders

ELLE KIDS magazine celebrates 10 years with a special format in which kids are the protagonists. They will be the opinion leaders involved in a round of interviews, observations and thoughts on and around fashion.