UniCredit Main Partner

UniCredit is a pan-European commercial bank strongly committed to digitalization and sustainability while maintaining strong territorial roots. 

In line with “UniCredit for Italy” – the bank’s plan to contribute to the country's growth and sustainable development - UniCredit provides the communities in which it operates with the levers to help its customers fulfill their potential, creating sustainable value and offering real solutions to real needs, in Italy and abroad.

These goals are the heart of this partnership, now in its fourth year and renewed for the three-year period 2023-2025, with Pitti Immagine, a leading company promoting the Italian fashion industry and design around the world. UniCredit, as an active Main Partner of Pitti Immagine, is in the front line to offer its expertise and support to one of the most important sectors of the Italian economy: Made in Italy fashion.


Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability is a key lever for current and future business strategies. UniCredit supports companies during their ecological transition, encouraging them to take action to make a real impact. Building a sustainable future by aiming to make a positive impact on society, improving people's lifestyles and the way companies operate, is a major challenge for both people and businesses.

UniCredit's products and services aim at well-being and competitiveness in the countries where the Bank operates, to help customers and stakeholders control social and environmental challenges, financing their investments for a better future.

UniCredit x PITTI

UniCredit supports Pitti Immagine for a more sustainable development of the country.

The partnership between UniCredit and Pitti Immagine, renewed until 2025, has as its priority an innovative, sustainable and international development of Made in Italy fashion. 

To achieve these goals, UniCredit provides businesses, consultancy and tailored solutions aimed at the development of production chains, supporting businesses and communities in the current complex scenario. 

"For us, this means making our work tangible, actively pursuing our pivotal goal: to provide communities with the levers for progress," said Annalisa Areni, Head of Client Strategies UniCredit, on the occasion of the partnership renewal.

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