UniCredit Main Partner

UniCredit is a pan-European commercial bank determined to maintain strong roots in the territory and relations with the communities in which it operates, supporting them on many fronts. Therefore, it chose to be Main Partner of Pitti Immagine, leader in the promotion of Italian fashion industry and design. 

This three-year partnership is in line with UniCredit's purpose, which is 'Empowering Communities to Progress': to provide communities with the levers for progress. The bank creates sustainable value for its customers and stakeholders by offering real solutions to real needs, in Italy and abroad, through a unique network in Italy, Germany and Central Europe.


Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability is a key lever for current and future business strategies and an essential element for the Bank's success. Every company must go beyond 'business as usual': now is the time to act and make an impact. Building a sustainable future is a major challenge for both people and businesses; the sustainability of our company also depends on the ability to create and maintain strong relationships with customers and the community. Our approach aims to make a positive impact on society by improving people's lifestyles and the way companies operate. 

UniCredit's products and services are designed to support the wellbeing and competitiveness of the countries where the Bank operates and to help customers and stakeholders to manage social and environmental challenges, financing their investments for a better tomorrow.

UniCredit x PITTI

The Bank's support for Pitti Immagine for the sustainable development of the country

The synergy between UniCredit and Pitti Immagine, started in 2020, keeps the spotlight on the Made in Italy fashion sector, with a focus on innovation and sustainability. For these two aspects, which are fundamental for the sustainable growth of business, UniCredit provides companies with consultancy and tailor-made solutions aimed at developing production chains undergoing ecological transition and strong innovation, supporting communities in the current complex scenario.

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