Organizational Model

In view of the principles and values identified in the Code of Conduct, the company has adopted the Organisation and Management Model provided for by Italian Legislative Decree no. 231/ 2001 (the “Model”) which has introduced a system of corporate liability for the company for some types of crimes.
The Model is constituted by a “General Section” and by individual “Special Sections” covering the various types of Crimes and Offences to be prevented.
Any breach or suspected breach of the Model and/or any other information relating to implementation of the Model may be reported to the Company’s Supervisory Board.
Notifications can be sent by e-mail to the following address: [email protected]


PITTI IMMAGINE S.R.L. is committed to constantly conducting its activities in a manner that fully respects a company culture characterized by ethics, integrity, responsibility and compliance with existing laws and company rules.

Evidence of this commitment can be seen in the values referred to by the Model of organization, management and control pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001, in the Ethical Code and in the company procedures adopted.

However, it should be recognized that all bodies are subject to the risk of incorrect actions or illicit behaviors. In this regard, the company has a duty to adopt suitable measures for preventing such situations and for remedying them should they be identified, but it is similarly the duty of each entity involved to comply with the procedures adopted by the company and to call out any behavior that does not comply with the fundamental principles detailed therein.

For this purpose, PITTI IMMAGINE S.R.L. has implemented internal systems for declaring any infringements in order to permit the subjects identified by law to signal any infringements of national or European Union regulatory provisions that may damage the public interest or integrity of the company which may come to their attention within their working relationships including any breaches of the Ethical Code or of the Model of Organization, Management and Control pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001.

Thanks to the active and responsible participation of employees and third parties in notifying any non- compliant behaviors, the company is able to identify any irregularities and promptly adopt the necessary corrective measures, preventing any damage of an economic or reputational nature.

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