Pirouette One-to-watch Award: the compass of talent

The Nest, Archivi

The award that the fashion blog, Pirouette, will assign to the most talented up-and-coming designers attending Pitti Bimbo 88 is a perfect fusion between past and future. “Lose the north” is a maxi wooden compass on which the North is represented by an eye, the symbol of the One-to-watch award. It was designed by a duo of Portuguese creatives - Maria and João di So-So – the concept is a tongue in cheek reference to Portuguese popular culture where the expression “to lose the North” means to lose one’s way which at the same time pays tribute to the work of Pirouette which never loses the path to finding the newest and most promising brands. The So-So compass will lead directly to the winners of the new edition of the award: on Friday 18 January (3.00 p.m.) within the sphere of The Nest, the section that brings together the most original and curious brands