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Beyond the wardrobe: furnishing accessories, technological and old style objects, homewear, gadgets, toys and much more. Always imaginative and surprising, the Fancy Room offering is expanding in terms of the number of exhibitors and spaces. Staged on the Lower Level of the Main Pavilion, further evidence of how lifestyle has now also become a fundamental dimension for the world of children. The section Fancy Room is going to be presented in an exceptional layout with the title "The Great Wall... of fun", curated by stylist Maria Giulia Pieroni and interior designer Daisy Diaz, founder of the Baby Bottega concept store: a special layout set realized using a selection of wallpapers and soft furnishings from all over the world, rolls of paper that are able to transform a room become the stage curtains for Fancy Room and for every kid’s bedroom.

At Fancy Room is also UNDUETRESTELLA, design for small big spaces Unduetrestella, the art and design communication project for children devised by Paola Noé brings the best in design for the littlest ones to Fancy Room.

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