Style Notes

Pitti Bimbo 85 - june 2017
Texts by Elena Moretti

Flower power inspiration for the leading brands’ collections of childrenswear. From spring’s blooming buds to late summer's tropical palms, there are so many ways to express a fully flowering fashion.
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Sartorial expertise is intertwined with volumetric experimentation. Research meets up with tailoring and the savoir faire of tradition. Making headway is a childrenswear style that mixes a luxury mood with a cutting-edge heart, while maintaining a firm grip on quality. All of which is orchestrated by an eclectic mix of inspirations.
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The children's lifestyle world extends its reach: from designer items to small accessories, from gadgets to technology, where the winners are ideas and creativity. Special objects are the protagonists: accessories, furnishing elements, games, useful and pleasantly useless objects, both curious and playful, dedicated to concept stores all over the world.
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A French brand created in Paris in 2001 by Irene and Thomas Cohen, Bonton totally represents the lifestyle universe of children. The result is a line of clothing, household linen and furnishing accessories designed to meet top-level aesthetic taste and quality requisites. Designed to accompany children from birth to 12 years of age, each new season sees the Bonton wardrobe enriched with unique colors, exclusive prints and innovative fabrics.


Boss Kidswear

Acollection inspired by the sea and sun: a palette of aquatic colors brightened by flashes of yellow and sky grey. Sailor stripes are re-worked on polos and t-shirts, and are featured alongside amusing pineapple prints. Tropical palms announce the arrival of summer, next to surf graphics.



Style in blossom. A genuine explosion of colors and the atmospheres of summer's end take over the outfits of the girls' spring-summer 2018 collection: the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, white, green, orange and bright red, together with ornamental majolica elements decorate dresses, skirts, and accessories for the littlest set. There are then all-over rose prints, as a symbol of love, developed in lilac and red tones on clear and pure white backgrounds for a fairytale princess look. 


Elisabetta Franchi La mia Bambina

Watercolor tones, lively prints, and light fabrics. The garments reflect the spirit of the brand, while maintaining the defining traits of a woman's style. Volumes range from doll skirts to mid-lengths. Boxed shapes for t-shirts and sweatshirts, wide structured sleeves, timeless sack dresses and onesies. Trousers are proposed with wide legs and cropped lengths, in skinny denim or cotton versions, along with a boyfriend style.


I Pinco Pallino

Floral inspiration for the new SS 2018 collection from the leading brand in the Little Star Brands Group portfolio. Children like tender seeds to be planted in the ground and taken care of until they bloom in the spring: a vision of childhood in its most natural expression of grace and spontaneity. Of all the possible flowers, the collection chooses three and interprets the colors and characteristics that make them stand out in nature: Daisy, Hydrangea and Hibiscus.


Kenzo Kids

Since 2011, the American creative duo Carol Lim and Humberto Leon has brought a new breath of energetic fresh air to Kenzo. Kenzo Kids follows the adult vision with a contemporary, big-appeal collection that redefines the idea of cool in the kids’ sector, celebrating an urban lifestyle.


Manuel Ritz

A vital, brightly colored collection that develops along three main themes. The first, from dark blue to royal blue to red and finally a pure white, presents an interplay of stripes in the knitwear and the trousers with contrasting drawstring. Multicolored tropical designs alternate with micro patterns in the finishings and the brand’s logo of the asterisk is embroidered all over T-shirts and sweatshirts. To conclude, the patch theme with a rainbow of colors in a check motif that turns into houndstooth.



With a vaguely gypsy style, dresses have bayadère necklines and full, high-waist skirts with a cascade of ruches; they also come in lace with georgette frills or with bodies in sequins and corolla skirts. The capes are unexpected—short and in lurex brocade with bell sleeves. Bombers are the main players: in a biker version with surprising floral embroidery or in a startlingly extra-light fabric. Flowers and prints triumph in joy, just like the seventies. The on-trend pattern is tropical with romantic touches of floral brocades.


Roberto Cavalli Junior

With its Baroque Leopard popup space, Roberto Cavalli is relaunching Roberto Cavalli Junior at Pitti Bimbo 85. Established in 2000 to broaden the fashion label’s range, the kids’ collection is again going to be developed internally and distributed directly by the Maison. The brand’s sparkling and glamorous world is offered in a kids’ version. It’s a world dominated by colors, floral prints and the iconic animal graphics such as leopard, tiger and giraffe prints.


Stella Jean

The Stella Jean style is pure melting pot. The refined, precious mood of its collections draws inspiration from its Haiti origins. A creativity that reaches right across the board and sets no limits to social and textile mash-ups. For SS 2018, the designer brings us military green jumpsuits with puffed sleeves and cockerel prints, midi skirts with prints dedicated to the Masai culture teamed with basic t-shirts and full-skirt dresses with illustrations of traditional tropical dwellings. Plus brick-color shirtdress with zebra print.


Twin set Girl Simona Barbieri

A world of decorations and designs, rich in lively graphics and sparkling details, serving as a backdrop to the adventures of a courageous caterpillar that transforms into a multicolored butterfly wrapped in pink tones. The modern fable of the collection spells out the look for the hottest months of the year in a journey of colors that highlights fresh and light surfaces with polka dot and gingham prints, surprising blossoming bouquets, ruche trim and lace ornamentation alternated with pop-cartoon patches.


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Amelie et Sophie

A luxury brand for children aged 3 to 12. Amelie et Sophie put a selection of quality fabrics in natural fibers – such as luxury cashmeres, silks and pure wools – and a hand-made ethic at the center of its production. By using small local workshops the brand ensures that every garment is a perfect expression of quality and uniqueness where all the elements of the creative process unite; resulting in sophisticated and timeless garments.



Antwerp-based designer Anja Schwerbrock created her own eponymous brand of womenswear and later kidswear, after notable stints at Escada, Comme des Garçons and Dries van Noten. The designs in her women’s and kids’ collections are closely intertwined. Inspired by the ballet and circus world, the designer develops these stylistic elements into a fantastical universe, where the undisputed protagonists are an uncluttered design and high quality, organic materials.


Carbon Soldier

The brand was founded in 2014, from the re-branding of YmamaY, launched in 2002 in Auckland, New Zealand, to convey the designers’ passion for cutting-edge childrenswear. Focus on high quality materials and with an ultra-soft hand for a minimalist and contemporary look dedicated to children aged 0 to 8.



Anne Semadeni created the Cataleya brand in 2015, after 18 years of stylistic experience in maisons like Hermès, Barbara Bui, Iris Von Arnim and Rochas. With her luxury knitwear range, the designer strives to fill her garments with the same attentiveness and quality typical to leading designer labels, by using pure Italian cashmere, for example. The sources of inspiration are imbued with an eclectic spirit: from African tribal art to Giacometti, from Le Corbusier and Rothko to the designer's own city of Paris, from the photography of Vivian Maier to Azzedine Alaïa.



Cavalier interprets childrenswear basics with ironic details and surreal accents. The results can be seen in the silhouette of Dora Dress: the little black dress with rockstar detailing; and the Pasche Dress, a tribute to designer John Pasche, who created the legendary lips logo for The Rolling Stones. The collection was inspired by children wanting to play dress up in grown-ups’ clothes: it has a functional and playful appeal.



100% Made in France, Cocolico is a clothing brand for children aged 0 to 8. For the S/S 2018: Blossom, in a range of turquoise, pink and fuchsia with prints and exclusive patterns, and garments that are perfect for a picnic in the countryside. Onirique, light and dreamy outfits designed for moving with the wind. Arty, inspirations devoted to the world of art, with bright colors and creative patterns. Bubble Gum, perfect for special summer occasions.


Little Creative Factory

The architect Cristina Fernandez is the life force behind the Barcelona clothing brand, Little Creative Factory, which started with a swimming hat she created for her daughter. This accessory unleashed the designer’s creativity, and she hasn’t stopped since. She has created a lifestyle universe and a wardrobe that seems born to appeal to the imagination and creativity of children and is dedicated to offering the highest quality.


Mini Rodini

Based in Stockholm, the childrenswear brand Mini Rodini was launched in 2006 through the inspiration of the illustrator, Cassandra Rhodin. Children’s imagination and playfulness is central to its collections, aimed at stimulating and supporting these qualities through the creation of comfortable garments that children themselves love to wear. Prints, designs, fabrics and shapes meet and blend in an eclectic mix with a strong visual impact. The collections also support environmentally sustainable and ethical production.


Miss L. Ray

British eclecticism, European vibes and sophisticated style are key qualities in the exclusive mix that characterizes the creations by the Serbian designer Natasha Milkovich. It is a range designed to intercept the tastes of children beyond early childhood but not yet adolescent. The collections are sophisticated and sporty, made in English woollens, Peruvian cottons and cotton jerseys and produced in partnership with skilled local Eastern European manufacturers that offer disadvantaged women work opportunities.



A love for life and an abundance of imagination. This is the spirit at the center of the childrenswear creations from the Nikolia brand. For the next spring/summer, it proposes a blend between boho chic style with fringes, embroidery and ethereal fabrics like silk, with the sophistication of the Japanese Geisha and their timid grace. The result is a romantic, timeless collection with a focus on the shapes and prints, which blend into a fusion of creative gypsy and traditional oriental elements.



A totally tailored range of dresses inspired by women’s outfits in the most remote villages in India, brought right up to date for everyday wear. The SS 2018 features a mix of sartorial techniques and vintage embroideries, typical to the Indian tradition that are proposed by designer Aneeth Arora with both pride and passion.



To the lighthouse is the theme of the SS2018 collection by the Portuguese brand Sissonne. An adventure redolent with the scent of the summer, travel and the sea, giving life to onesies, mini dresses and sweaters in soft cotton, with exclusive textures and original designs. In the brand creations, the past and tradition meet contemporary trends and innovative elements to make a versatile and easy-to-wear style, for children from 6 months to 12 years.



Tambere instills its designs with a child's love for nature. A love that is reciprocated: the materials are natural and the silhouettes are voluminous, thus giving greater freedom of movement to children. For the SS2018 collection, the inspiration comes from days passed at the seaside, playing under the sun. Colors like caramel, sand, and blue unite with high quality materials and pure cotton.


The Small Gatsby

designed and manufactured in Vienna. The Small Gatsby combines a concept of impalpable luxury with a strong vision of a sophisticated design. Impeccable cut allows freedom of movement, while the luxurious fabrics are created though hand-crafted artistry. L’Autrichienne – the Austrian childhood is the inspiration for the summer collection, which pays homage to the childhood of Marie Antoinette. It expresses an endless summer, passed racing across green fields, discovering freedom and the values of friendship.


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Dutch brand with an international style, BamBam gives life to toys for the newly born. For over twenty years, the company has offered products in line with the latest trends but always with a timeless elegance, for a children lifestyle concept that embraces, ever more, the needs of children and their parents at home.



Launched in 2012, Bamboom is a line of clothing and accessories for early infancy made from organic Bamboo fiber of the highest quality and completely Made in Italy. With a clean design and a range of the latest colors, Bamboom offers products that embrace a truly ideal lifestyle.


Bisou-BisouPetite by Anya Caliendo

line of luxury headwear for women of any age, made by the talented milliner Anya Caliendo, Bisou-Bisou Petite débuts at Pitti Bimbo with the first collection. Based in New York with her exclusive line of hats, Anya Caliendo has been published in various prestigious, international magazines and is the only headwear designer to have been entered in the official schedule for New York Fashion Week.


Charlie Banana®

With a strong, eco-friendly spirit, founded by the French designer, Gaëlle Wizenberg, passionate about green living, Charlie Banana makes recyclable nappies in organic cotton, all-in-one swimming costumes made in various innovative materials, a line of female care products and a range of amber jewelry for children. Every product is developed in Hong Kong or Malibu with the greatest attention to sustainability for an accessory concept that becomes an integral part of daily life for both parent and child.


Gilde Scarti e Mestieri

The “gilde”, creative hangers, are created in the Christmas version with pandorine boot and pon pon or wrapped in Scottish tartan cloth in various colors, a classic, always-in-fashion, in all its warmth. For the more romantic parents, the brand offers a vintage version in a shabby chic style. Finally “dorothy”, straight from the world of fairy tales, to give a magic, eclectic touch.



The historic Italian brand shows off a  renewed, fresh, dynamic image: a home-design installation which showcases the new denim versions of some of its bestsellers. The magical Zippy Light, the stroller that opens and closes with one hand, and the more dynamic Trilogy, all strictly in the new denim look; and there’ll be a nod to design too, in the kitchen, with the colorful Fast table booster seats.



Luxury accessory brand and artistic toys, Luckyboysunday was founded in Copenhagen by a design studio. Every product is made with the utmost care, great attention to detail and the most prestigious materials. The distinctive element of each creation is the design: simple but captivating and playful, that suits children's tastes and also satisfies the older ones amongst us.


Milk & Friends

A collection of fragrances for hypoallergenic environments, ultrasound diffusers and de-humidifiers, inspired by the world of milk and designed to add comfort and joy through smells that bring back memories of infancy and its sweetest moments. A keen eye on the packaging also recalls a milk bottle, a milkshake beaker and the colors that stretch from white to the chromatic shades of marmalade and biscuit.



Brand based in London and founded by the designer Yiying Wang in 2009, Noodoll comes from an illustrated book featuring a cast of monsters made from rice and noodles. From this, a line of toys and accessories for the home has been developed. Design ethos: playfulness, uniqueness and quality.



Launched in 2016, the Watchitude brand creates watches in an eclectic style, in infinite creative combinations. Each collection is a limited edition and draws inspiration from the same children for whom the pieces are designed. Every watch is packed with personality, surpassing the concept of an accessory to become a true piece of creative attitude.