Events Calendar 13-15 September 2019

RAW / Woods, in the Scented Forest

13.09.2019 | 10:30am - Stazione Leopolda, Conference Room

The Pitti Fragranze format that dedicates space to the most important ingredients in perfume, makes room for wood, a protagonist at the heart of many olfactive creations. Mane chronicles the paths of woods: their origins, secrets, trends and progressions.

The Fragranze Observatory / The latest installment on the culture and market of international artistic perfumery

13.09.2019 | 12:00pm - Stazione Leopolda, Conference Room

The second edition of the Observatory organized by Pitti Immagine and conducted by economist Marco Richetti examines the economic dimension of the artistic perfume industry and the evolution of the business model for the perfume sector, with a focus on the economic sustainability of the sector's business models, and with an analysis of the distribution system and its future prospects.

TALK / A Pleasant Welcome: The Online / Offline Retail Space Design Matters

13.09.2019 | 3:00pm - Stazione Leopolda, Conference Room

 An open conversation on how to design for and understand the needs of today’s consumers vis-à-vis the world of mono-brands and multi-brands. The speakers: Campomarzio, Nicolas Cloutier (Nose), Adriano Genro (Retail Space Designer), Sarah Rotheram (Miller Harris), Maxime Garcia-Janin (Sillages Paris). Moderator: Julia Ahtijainen.

TALK / Chandler Burr in conversation with Jean-Claude Ellena

13.09.2019 | 6:00pm - Stazione Leopolda, Conference Room

Opening Cocktail

13.09.2019 | 6:30pm - Stazione Leopolda, Piazzale Gae Aulenti

Viale F.lli Rosselli 5, Firenze

TALK / The Communication of a Scent: Staff Trainings in Perfumery

14.09.2019 | 10:30am - Stazione Leopolda, Conference Room

The words for saying something, the gestures for proposing it: a journey through the communication of perfume, for educating and opening the path to new approaches. Among the speakers: Remco Veerbooij (Skins), Chandler Burr. Moderator: Julia Ahtijainen

Fragranze at Museo della Moda e del Costume / A Short Novel on Men's Fashion

14.09.2019 | 11:00am - Museo della Moda e del Costume di Palazzo Pitti

Piazza Pitti 1, Firenze

A special guided tour led by Elisabetta Invernici, in which works and clothes will be combined with perfumes and fragrances. For reservations (places are limited).

Digital Workshop

14.09.2019 | 12:00pm - Stazione Leopolda, Conference Room

The digital sphere as an enrichment of the brand experience:the presentationconducted by Ivano Cauli and Julia Sokolova, digital transformation experts from Openmind, tackles the most important aspects of the digital sphere, from branding to the user experience.

TALK / Like a Second Skin: the Trends and the Future

14.09.2019 | 2:00pm - Stazione Leopolda, Conference Room

Perfect skin, for men and women, is the goal. A special focus on the world of skincare amid trends and future projections. With the participation of Stefano Manfredini of Università di Ferrara, together with Janine Knizia (Muse&Heroine), Paola Malaspina (The Beautyaholics Shop), Michela Motta (Elle magazine), Fabia di Drusco (L'Officiel Homme, Style Magazine). Moderator: Julia Ahtijainen.