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ALVES 1928

A tribute to a special woman, the grandmother of the brand’s creators. And her love of history, art, colours... Her touch of elegance, without doubt the foulard, a product which has become symbolic of Alves 1928. Unique scarves, hand-painted by master craftsmen


A name that comes from the acronym of the words Celebrity Destinations: a collection of canvas footwear with prints that conjure up the most famous destinations in the world.


With over 40 years’ experience, this is an international group that deals with the production, distribution and marketing of customised shopping bags, manufactured in compliance with current environmental regulations.


A brand that was founded in 2012 by the creativity of designer Elvira Giannattasio. Fashion accessories made and painted by hand with all-Italian craftsmanship and materials.


Created in 2004, the brand hand makes sought-after collections of underwear and accessories, also resulting in prestigious collaborations with leading brands in the underwear sector. At the heart of each line, a specific theme such as sweets, ice cream, fruits, hearts, pin-ups.


A luxury touch, tailored details and a leather processing technique that minimises the use of glues and solvents. These are the key elements that represent Kamon, a brand born in the heart of Florence. A collection of accessories with an urban-chic mood, characterised by simple lines and a gritty design.


Luciano Gelisiodesigns, cuts and produces unique bags entirely by hand. His workshop produces around twenty bags and belts a day, with painstaking attention to detail. No one leather is the same as the next, and this means that his interpretations in shapes and designs are enriched by the variety and personality of the material itself.


New, unusual materials blend perfectly with the emotion of the story, jealously guarded in every bag, following the map of an imaginary journey into space. “…Walking with Stories…” is the leitmotif of the collection. An object is not only what we see, touch and smell, but all that goes with it, from the genius of the person that created it to the fatigue of the person that made it.


A brand specialising in the production of garments, accessories and objects embellished with crystal inserts. The tailoring and craftsmanship is 100% Italian and the use of raw materials of the highest quality makes it possible to offer a unique, highly-customised product.

Modaprima ready-to-wear

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A modern industrial company that expertly develops traditions and the good taste of a past based on handicrafts and all-Italian production. The analysis and the spinning of the wads of raw material is entrusted to reliable companies from the Biella area with a hundred years of experience.


Everything stems from the creativity of Andrea, a young designer with an eclectic and versatile attitude to style. The jacket is the palette on which he develops his ideas: outerwear features tapered shapes and a great fit, the result of ongoing research and painstaking attention to detail, like for the lapels, shoulders and sleeves.


A RTW collection that looks to the world of couture as regards both materials and design. Bright colours, fanciful patterns and fine fabrics make up the collections contained in an increasingly innovative and original design that emphasises and highlights the quality of the Italian manufacturing, one of the brand’s strengths.


EDAS as an acronym of the name of four entrepreneurs. A brand that came about thanks to their shared desire to create a synergistic project. Great attention to detail characterises collections dedicated to those who love to dress comfortably without sacrificing elegance and femininity.


A line dedicated to women who work and have to wear an outfit suitable for different times of day. The search for new processing and printing techniques characterises the FW collection: techniques that ensure the knitwear is soft without any pigment and extremely resistant to washing.

Paola T. -Paola Tienforti-

Creativity, intuition and experience form the basis of the idea of the brand founded by Paola Tienforti: a business that sees in fashion not only a great passion, but also a veritable lifestyle. A brand that is a guarantee of quality, able to interpret the desires of women, turning them into high-impact creations that anticipate fashions and trends.


For 50 years now, the Tuscan company Dani Confezioni has been specialising in the production of women’s shirts under the brand VLT’S by Valentina’S. With exclusive patterns and simple yet sophisticated shapes, each collection features products sensitive to the quality of the fabrics, finishes and applications.


Founded in 1965 as a small workshop, Zanetti Moda is now a well-established company boasting 50 years of experience. Thanks to the efforts of the Zanetti family and the people they work with, it has managed to turn women’s shirt-making into its strong point. At Modaprima, it presents a total look that accompanies women throughout their day, from the office to drinks after work. Always present, we find the white shirt, presented with a contemporary twist thanks to innovative volumes, cuts and details.