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Entrance and Registration
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Exclusive parking for exhibitors and services for visitors
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Days+Opening Times

Entrance and Registration

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Taste n. 9
8 - 10 March 2014

Stazione Leopolda
via F.lli Rosselli 5

Entry hours:
Suturday 8 and Sunday 9 March
from 9.30 am to 1.30 pm only for professionals
from 1.30 pm to 7.30 pm for public
Monday 10 March
9.30 am - 4.30 pm

Ticket entrance:

€ 15 for the public - daily ticket
€ 10 for professionals  - the entrance card is valid for all the three days of the event.


How to enter

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For professionals

The event is open to professionals and general public.
Professionals and Traders can buy the ticket (10 € per person) and it is valid for the duration of the fair.

The general public
can buy a daily ticket at a price of € 15 per person. Children under 10 stay free. The entrance for the general public is on Suturday 8 and Sunday 9 March from 1.30 pm to 7.30 pm and on Monday 10 March from 9.30 am to 4.30 pm

Invitation letter
The invitation letter is the letter we usually issue after a visitor’s request to help them for a visa issuance.
Before issuing an invitation letter, we need the following documents:

- In case of a new visitors all the business details so that we can proceed with the registration: business name, address, main telephone and fax numbers, e-mail address, main referent’s name and position and his/her business contact details.
- Always for new visitors: An invoice issued for the requesting company by a supplier.
It would be much better if the invoice is issued by one of the exhibitors of one of our fairs. This procedure is the most important one to be followed for non-European Countries since it would avoid us the request of translated documents and allows us to quicken the registration process.
- Always for new visitors: in case they cannot send us an invoice, they can send a document issued by the Chamber of Commerce of the referent Country. In the document there should be clearly specified the business activity, for example "retailing of food and beverage".
IMPORTANT: the VAT number or any country’s tax codes, without any further specific documentation, cannot be accepted.
- The attendee’s passport’s copy. We need the first page with the passport’s details (issuance, expiry, number, attendee’s name and family name) and the back page where the attendee’s work is specified. ALWAYS, BOTH FOR REGISTERED AND NEW VISITORS.
- In case the job is not specified, we need to receive a certification on a company letterhead specifying the attendee’s role inside the company. ALWAYS, BOTH FOR REGISTERED AND NEW VISITORS.

After the reception of all the requested documents, our staff will decide whether the invitation letter can be issued.



- In case of fairs on payment, invitation letters are issued only after the purchase of prepaid tickets. However the purchase cannot be made before the reception of all the required documents and our confirmation of the invitation letter’s issuance.



Exclusive parking for exhibitors and services for visitors

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Services During the fair

Exhibitor Parking
Pitti Immagine offers its exhibitors (cars only) a free underground parking located At the Fortezza da Basso. You can have your parking pass at the Stazione Leopolda when you will arrive on the 7th of March. The parking is without housing and with the express exclusion of liability of Pitti Immagine for theft and damage to vehicles (or objects contained in them) parked therein.

Visitor Parking
 / fee parking 
outdoor at Piazza Vittorio Veneto
Indoor at Stazione Leopolda, Fortezza da Basso, piazza Stazione. (see the map below)

Wardrobe and luggage

Inside the exhibition area are available free of charge cloakroom and luggage storage for exhibitors and visitors.


All the info in a click

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The price of your pass includes a copy of the exhibition guide.
Every exhibitor has the right to a fair exhibition guide, distributed on stands on the first day of the fair. Exhibition guides may only be obtained at the fair, they are never sent out. Journalists can get their copy of the guide in the Press Room. PR agents with a client at the fair will find their guide on the stand.
A pdf folder of the exhibition guide will be available for online users.

How to reach us

How to reach the Stazione Leopolda

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All the way to reach Taste

By Tram Line-1
(from Santa Maria Novella station, side via Alamanni 5 minutes to Stazione Leopolda).

By airplane

Amerigo Vespucci Airport in Florence. The Stazione Leopolda is 15/20 minutes away by taxi.

By car

Higway A11 (Firenze-mare): way out Firenze Nord.
Higway A1 (arriving form Milano/Bologna or Napoli/Roma): way out Firenze Nord
keep going on viale Guidoni and viale Redi following the indications for the city center, in direction of Porta al Prato.

By bus

line C2-C3 / stop at Porta al Prato.

By train
The railway station Santa Maria Novella is far about one mile from the exhibition area, only 5 minutes by tram (line 1).

Come on high spped train!
30% on first class tickets
10% second class tickets

What do you have to do

To get this discount, call the following numbers at the Trenitalia Group Offices (9am-1pm; 2pm-4pm from Monday to Friday working days only):

Ufficio Gruppi Firenze
Tel.: +39 050.42505 Fax: +39 050.502184
Ufficio Gruppi Bologna
Tel: +39 051.2583091; +39 051.2582705
Fax: +39 0512583135

and provide the following details:




- the discount is applied to the basic fare
- the discount cannot be combined with other concurrent promotional prices offered by Trenitalia on the same products and on the same grounds.
- the train tickets are nominative and non-refundable. They cannot be exchanged with tickets for other destinations, other train categories or travel dates.

Period of validity:
From 7 to 11 of March 2014
Routes: all high speed and intercity trains leaving from or arriving at Florence

Method of Purchase: credit card only
* 30% reduction calculated on the basic adult 1st class or Business fare and 10% calculated on the basic adult 2nd class or Premium or Standard fare for 1st and 2nd class or Business, Premium and Standard tickets – excluding Executive and Excelsior tickets – using the ticketless method for “Divisione Passeggeri N/I” internal service trains with destination/origin Florence. 


Where to sleep and special deals

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The Pitti Immagine deals

In cooperation with Pitti Immagine, Carlson Wagonlit Travel proposes accomodations in some Florence hotels.

The agency to contact is:

Paola Pieri
Carlson Wagonlit Travel
Groups and Events Department
phone + 39 055 0949 1808
fax +39 055 4367322
Via Panciatichi 38/5
50127, Firenze - Italy