Taste presents

Food. Chocolate. Design.

Food, design, art. A widespread project.

Starting by considering chocolate as a common thread to follow, the Food Chocolate Design project has put together  for a team work eight chocolate manufacturers, who, as responsible designers, put devotion, method and passion in the analysis of  problems in the production, in the carrying on of attentive researches on raw materials and so in the development of their products on the basis of a complex design project. Each of them has from long chosen a path -which is sometimes extreme, sometimes innovative- to follow till the end with coherence and clearness of vision, thus attracting the interest of press and that of experts in this sector. They are innovators, though many of them commit themselves in the research and re-discovery of old methods of chocolate production. They are, in a certain way, designers. This project has always taken into account the environmental respect by looking for differences and similarities in the approaches, which start from taste and smell, and then stimulate all senses, thus showing once more how food and graphic design do have  an extraordinary expressive potential.

At the very basis the thought that innovation results by a common project based on elements like –on the one hand-  local production, human needs, integration, sharing and -on the other hand- a human-and environmental-friendly technology. This is a process which follow the path of what someone calls “ecological economics”. The idea for this project comes from an attentive observation of each singular context and the curiosity about the possibility of promoting ever more opportunities of interaction between different kinds knowledge –pollination. Leitmotiv is the artisan chocolate by Monica Sabadi, then eight matching suggestions with eight interpreters of quality,  a taste experience in form of recipes. The intelligent artisans’ work enters the crowded kitchen of eight skillful Italian food bloggers, in sixteen recipes interpreted and illustrated by sixteen Italian graphic designers.

16 recipes, 32 poster, 1 book, “Alfabeto del Gusto” (Taste Glossary), 1 exhibition.

Here the protagonists of the project:

The  manufacturers:
Paolo Gennari www.caseificiogennari.it
Leonardo Lelli www.caffelelli.com
Dario Loisonwww.loison.com
Massimo Mancini www.pastamancini.it
Dino Massignaniwww.riservasanmassimo.net
Teo Musso www.baladin.it 
Arianna Occhipintiwww.agricolaocchipinti.it
Simone Padoan www.pizzeriaitigli.it 


The designers:

Born in 1981. Work and plain swim
Created in Genoa in 2003 by the collaborative work of the designers Daniele De Batté and Davide Sossi. Their work shows a mixture of the disciplines of visual art, graphics, illustrative design and multimedia, focusing on a minimal colour palette.
It has to do with illustrations in various fields, from editing to advertising and children books. Its office works above all with other countries, like the United States and Great Britain.
Three designers for a varied team, whose interests range from photography to the analog and digital world. They work in the field of visual communication, committing themselves in the setting up and lay-out of books, editorial products, posters.
DUE MANI NON BASTANO (Two hands are not enough)
Created in 2005, it has office in Milan is leaded by Davide Longaretti and Ilaria Faccioli. It has to do with visual communication, with particular attention to graphic design and illustrations.

MISTER GATTO (Mister cat)
The creative studio of Gianluca Camillini and Margherita Micheli works in the field of visual design and communication systems. Its main characteristics are: research, observation, originality, uniqueness, creative error, experimentation, serendipity, artisan work and participation.
Graphic designer and illustrator, whose expressive research as far as experimentation is concerned has to be seen as interaction of different languages. His illustrations have entered the permanent collection of the Museo dell’Immaginario (Museum of Imagination) of Cosenza. www.dentrodaniele.blogspot.it 
Born in Apulia, grown up in Tuscany and resident in Milan, he works in the field of illustrations and lettering, collaborating above all with magazines, newspapers and streetwear Italian and foreign brands.
A graphic design and visual communication studio. It mainly deals with visual identity, editorial graphics, web and multimedia design, display setting up and creative direction for enterprises, corporations and associations.
 Information Designer from Milan, she loves videos and illustrations. She’s also journalist for Sole 24 Ore and art director of Vita Nova, an iPad application that collects scientific, technological and innovative news and information.
Italian illustrator from Bologna, born in 1985. She works as a freelancer with Italian and international customers, leading with other two women the self-production brand Teiera, and teaching at the IED (European Institute of Design) in Milan.
Visual artist, he counts Nokia, Guess and Wired among his clients. Rewarded by magazines as Print Mag, Communication Art, 3x3Mag, he has exhibited his works in Florence, Milan, New York.
A Florentine freelance designer. She loves pure geometry as well as liquid traits with no limits of expression, working on signs and playing with curves in search for fluidity. She speaks the language of minimal graphics, as well as that of complex illustrations. www.gloriapizzilli.com 
Filippo Taveri, born in the beach-resort of Monopoli with the sea-skyline in front of his eyes, and Simona Gallo, born in the cemented Rome with grains among her hair, met in Urbino in their adulthood. They have been studied for months in short and long distances, until the photographic set –and those who were responsible for it- have put a hand in that.
A graphic design studio, directed by Luisa Milani and Walter Molteni. It works on every kind of project -from illustrative design to infographics, from identity to branding, from editing to events, always exploring complex situations and perspectives.
Think Work Observe is a graphic design studio created in 2012. Its work deals with creating items and giving shape to different contents, as well as creating connections which would lead to new meanings.