Who Is On Next 2011

The winners of June 2011 edition

The Who is On Next? / Pitti Uomo award for prêt-à-porter goes to Andrea Pompilio.

Andrea Pompilio’s contemporary collection is a complete and mature concept, the result of careful research on materials and shapes. This collection with its international look is outstanding for the broad range of inspirations which are the fruit of the designer’s professional experiences. Through unusual details, brilliant use of color – delicate contrasts and chromatics, and a careful eye on quality, he has developed a sophisticated style that is fully in tune with current market demands.

The Who is On Next? / Pitti Uomo award for prêt-à-porter goes to Emiliano Rinaldi.

Emiliano Rinaldi’s collection is animated by poetry and passion and nourished by historical references to his birthplace near Arezzo. Entirely made in Tuscany, his garments have a strong identity and reveal great creative potential. The judges were impressed by the quality of the manufacturing and by the design references to deeply rooted Tuscan traditions (such as the Siena Palio) which are capable of crossing all boundaries to capture the world’s imagination.

Who is On next? / Pitti Uomo, Honorable Mention for 10 A Suspender Trousers Company - Daria Dazzan and Matteo Cibic.
The judging panel unanimously agreed to give the 10 A Suspender Trousers Company, owned by Matteo Cibic and Daria Dazzan, an honorable mention for the quality and creative content of their communicative products which are characterized by excellent use of color. Their re-editions of two essential items in a man’s wardrobe – trousers and suspenders – reflect an interesting approach to the market.