Pitti Uomo 85: closing figures

Another success, filled with energy, creativity and lots of orders logged 30,000 visitors - nearly 21,000 buyers and a 4% increase in the number of Italian buyers.

Pitti Uomo 85 and Pitti W 13 ended on a very positive note with a reassuring increase with respect to last January’s attendance figures”, says Raffaello Napoleone, CEO of Pitti Immagine. “We registered nearly 21,000 buyers and a total of nearly 30,000 visitors overall. And, Italian attendance was also up: we could not hope for more. This is extremely gratifying and we are filled with enthusiasm about the June 2014 fair”. 
From the opening ceremony in Palazzo Vecchio all the way through the fashion events held around the city, Pitti Immagine Uomo 85 (Florence, 7-10 January 2014) was marked by an atmosphere brimming with energy. The vendors – over eleven hundred brands – who showed their 2014/15 fall-winter collections at the Fortezza da Basso proved that they are oriented towards research and innovation. The styling and manufacturing quality of the finest Italian and international labels was flanked by varied and contemporary looks presented by new names and young designers carefully selected by the Pitti scouts.
And, Mr. Napoleone went on the say: “Among both the vendors and those who staged special events, we found a desire to grow, to  strengthen their presence on existing markets and to conquer the new and emerging ones that sent many quality buyers to the fair. We also saw that there was considerable teamwork among the vendors and retailers, ready to meet the needs and desires – and problems - of the many and different consumers that make up the market”.
During the four days of the fair, buyer turnout exceeded 20,800 (an increase over the 20,450 who came to Pitti Uomo in January 2013) and there was also an unexpected recovery on the Italian front (about 13,000) which translates into more than 4% growth over the previous edition. A sign that the confidence pendulum is swinging the right way for us too? 
And again, great foreign attendance was steady at the excellent 2013 levels, with buyers from the finest international concept boutiques, department and concept stores. Among the “best performers” we have to mention that the number of buyers from the USA – the fundamental market in terms of prestige and as the global benchmark - rose by 10%. The number of retailers from South Korea – the new and promising frontier in Asia – was also up (+5%). Excellent turnouts also from Sweden, Holland, Eastern European markets, Canada, Australia and the Arab Emirates. And, lastly, we have to mention where the buyers were from: they came from over 120 countries -  Central Asia and the Far East, the entire Middle East, Oceania, South and Central America and Africa - and only a few years ago, it would have been hard to believe that they would attend a trade fair featuring high-quality fashions.
And here are the figures for the top 20 foreign markets:
Japan (833 buyers), Germany (749), Turkey (562), Great Britain (554), Spain (535), Holland (456), China (431), France (372), South Korea (323), Russia (290), Switzerland (280), United States (256), Belgium (231), Austria (175), Sweden (126), Greece (126), Portugal (116), Hong Kong (89), Denmark (79) and Norway (64).