ESCENTRIC MOLECULES - Geza Shoen, a top German perfumer of international fame, has created a line of unique perfumes based on an innovative idea: to create a perfume with a single molecule synthesis.  

The story began in 1990, when Shoen managed to isolate a molecule present in many perfumes on the market. “I fell in love with the fragrance it had on its own,” he remembers, “and that's why I wanted to make a perfume with only one ingredient.” And that is what led to the Escentric Molecules line, composed of ESCENTRIC 01/ MOLECULE 01, launched in 2006, ESCENTRIC 02 / MOLECULE 02, presented to the world by Harvey Nichols of London in April 2008, and ESCENTRIC 03 / MOLECULE 03, presented in 2010. ESCENTRIC MOLECULES 01 / 02 / 03 are all based on a single chemical molecule, which is different for each pair, accompanied by surrounding notes: they are perfumes that supersede the classic scheme of head-heart-base notes and that impart a sense of lightness and uniqueness to whoever wears them.