#PittiFriends #LittleChats - Marie Faure of My Travel Dreams
Edition 91

We had a little chat with Marie Faure, mamma of 3, founder of the 360-degree travel and family brand My Travel Dreams, and the creative mind behind a cool brand of t-shirts.


Where are you staying at the moment?

In the Maison Réveillon, a big renovated house you can rent one hour from Paris.


Do you have any tips to keep the spirits high?

The only one is: LET IT GO. We can't do smoothies, yoga 3 times a day, conference calls, lessons for the children, the laundry and professional emails while having an online aperitivo party with friends and a homemade hair mask. So, we all do as we can and as we want. It is already a lot


Do you or your children have a favorite outfit for this time at home?
We stay in our pajamas a lot and I got into doing some tie & dye to revamp our wardrobes without buying new stuff.


What positive message do you get from this situation?
That we have to pay more attention to nature and to the people we love so much.


What’s the first thing you want to do after this confinement?
Kiss my parents, cuddle my brothers and sisters and dance until the end of the night with my friends!


Do you have any good Instagram accounts to share to keep the children busy?

Yes, mine: @MYTRAVELDREAMS ... I give lots of coloring ideas, recipes and we even do yoga lessons for kids every morning!


Thanks to Marie Faure & Amélie Noël