Giovanni Basagni (Miniconf): "Digital and sustainability are tools to overcome future
Edition 91
Giovanni Basagni, president and general manager of Miniconf, an Italian company that produces and distributes the brands Sarabanda, iDO, Dodipetto and – its the latest addition – Minibanda, in conversation with Giuliana Parabiago, PR & Marketing Consultant of Pitti Immagine, for the third episode of Pitti Meets. Basagni talks about the Covid season, where remote working and training practices aimed at turning the lockdown into an opportunity for growth.

What does he wish for? That the changes planned in recent months may proceed and materialize quickly, says Basagni: "We want to be ready to intercept and rule the new challenges we partly do not know yet."

And what about the future? "There are two fronts to be guarded – digital and sustainability – and some real assets, which are neighborhood shops".

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