Style in-between pages #3
From art to fashion
Edition 93
Il giardino di Matisse [Matisse’s Garden], by Samantha Friedman and Cristina Amodeo (Fatatrac/Moma)

MATISSE’S NATURAL COLLAGES by Oriana Picceni - Style Piccoli

Sometimes, a simple shape can give life to a whole world, to be lived and experienced with the imagination. This was Henri Matisse's great discovery when, in the last period of his career, almost for fun, he started experimenting with the collage technique, starting with the silhouette of a bird. And his outlook full of wonder is the theme of this exciting and lively illustrated book, characterized by contrasting colors, simple but highly evocative shapes, flat and bold tones that release all their expressive charge. And we can find the same feeling of wonder in the use of shapes and colors that make up the wardrobe for next spring-summer amidst references to nature and a desire for freedom.
Il giardino di Matisse [Matisse’s Garden], by Samantha Friedman and Cristina Amodeo (Fatatrac/Moma)

MoMA-Fatatrac edizioni, 2015
If you're looking for ideas, check out the gallery below, where you can find some inputs from me:
The print of the colorful Pan con Chocolate dress recalls the shapes cut out by Matisse while thinking about his trip to Tahiti
These summer sandals by Ria Menorca are as white as the first bird that the French artist cut out and hung on the wall of his room 
Lively, just like the sheets that Matisse used to cut his colorful shapes out, the cotton T-shirts from the Superga Kidswear collection
The classic Petit Bateau waxed jacket, decorated with natural prints and small animals, takes us back to the works in which the French artist puts his shapes against blue backgrounds 
The olive leaves printed on this Mimookids dress are very delicate, and immediately remind us of the plants and nature-inspired forms loved by the French artist
Finally, for a relaxing moment after a long day spent outdoors, treat yourself to a cuddle with the Emmè Baby Organic Lab blankets, featuring animals and plants, just like Matisse's early collages
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