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Pitti Studios
Edition 89
the new content production service by Pitti Filati
A new feature is launching with the upcoming edition of Pitti Filati: Pitti Studios, the new content production service for the fair's exhibitors which, starting with just 30 cm of thread, can create an animated and 3D version of the finished garment, worn by an avatar as in a real fashion show.

The service is provided by Pitti Immagine in collaboration with the manufacturer of knitting machines Shima Seiki and the creative studio Kerned, specializing in the production of digital content.

The Pitti Studios very high-quality content (photos and videos) is also made with a 100% sustainable process. Contrary to traditional digital post-production techniques, the innovative technology used for the project makes it possible to provide an accurate virtual reproduction of the finished garment without first having to produce any cloth. All that is needed is 30 cm of yarn to scan.

Pitti Studios was designed for a multi-channel promotion of the proposals of the Pitti Filati companies, with dedicated focuses on the Pitti Connect platform and within the Billboard editorial program, but also in person, thanks to a special installation at the Stazione Leopolda during three days of the show (28-30 June).
In a few simple steps, here's how it works:

1) The exhibitor supplies the thread (30 cm) to Pitti Immagine
 2) Using Shima Seiki's Yarnbank platform, the digital thread and 3D digital knitwear are created
3) The digital format is processed by Kerned and through an animation software that creates the garment worn by an avatar and is transformed into both static photos and videos
4) All the yarns produced in this way will be published on the various pages dedicated to exhibitors on Pitti Connect.

The project will also be presented during the three days of the physical show, with a special installation at the Stazione Leopolda, which will illustrate the production process and its advantages for the industry.

Discover Pitti Studios and stand out with multimedia, refined, and effective communication. 

Please, do not hesitate to contact our team for any further information. Write to pitticonnect@pittimmagine.com