Acqua Plose and Alpex Supreme Tonic Water
at Taste 2022
Edition 15
Fonte Plose, the company based in South Tyrol, selected right from the first editions of Taste as an example of Italian excellence in the field of beverages and quality spring water, once again will be the technical sponsor supplying its pure, very light spring water every day of the event.

With a fixed residue of only 22 mg/l and a hardness of just 1.2 F, Acqua Plose is one of the finest high mountain waters in the world. Its pH value of 6.6 makes it ideal for being assimilated by the human body and, compared to the average of the waters on the market, it boasts a very high oxygen content, equal to about 10.2 mg/l.

Three stations will be set up in the Fortezza da Basso, dedicated to speakers, journalists, guests and exhibitors, with Acqua Plose served in glasses made of compostable material.

In addition, at this edition, Fonte Plose will also support the new Special Area dedicated to Italian artisan Gin: visitors will be able to match the various types of spirits accompanying them with Alpex - Supreme Tonic Water tonics, available to taste for the first time at Pitti Taste. Featuring a strong character, Alpex completes the line intended for mixology which includes premium tonics and sodas for bars and cocktail bars of excellence: Indian Dry Tonic Water, Italian Taste Tonic Water, Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Soda Water, Bitter Lemon and Alpex Spritzer.