Feedback on Pitti Uomo 104
Edition 104
From buyers and exhibitors
This edition of Pitti Uomo, through the comments, feedback, and impressions gathered from industry professionals during the event days.
An exciting edition, indeed! Pitti Uomo is always an excellent opportunity to discover new menswear trends. All categories are represented at the fair, from classic to avant-garde and sustainability. Among the sections I liked the most, Scandinavian Manifesto stands out for curating contemporary brands with strong design elements, and the Cavaniglia Pavilion for its great innovation. The Pitti Pets area was also very interesting. The ERL fashion show was thrilling: it's always wonderful to see Pitti Uomo dedicate space to designers who bring creative ideas to the fashion industry.

— SAKS FIFTH AVENUE, New York (United States),
Reginald Christian, Men's Fashion Market Manager

A nice return for this edition of Pitti Uomo! Good energy, we met more buyers than the last few times, and the decision to postpone the ERL Guest Designer fashion show proved strategic because we all stayed until the end of the fair. Pitti Uomo is very important for us buyers because it is a first showcase, marks the beginning of the season, and offers a great opportunity for exchanging ideas. Mytheresa was one of the forerunners of Quiet Luxury, a major trend in menswear today, which also reigned at Pitti Uomo. Among the areas we enjoyed the most were the Central Pavilion for the world of English luxury shoes, Futuro Maschile, the Cavaniglia Pavilion for beachwear and resortwear proposals, and Scandinavian Manifesto, which always presents innovative and authentic products. The Pitti Pets section is interesting, reflecting a growing sector.

— MYTHERESA, (Germany),
Menswear Buying team

Pitti Uomo is one of the must-visit trade shows for menswear. The brand proposal is comprehensive, representing most markets, and everyone can find something of interest within all the pavilions. I was happy to see that the visitor traffic and the number of brands are growing, and there was also good energy! A big plus for a buying team is that the organization is perfect. Today's trends are Quiet Luxury/Back to essentials, and I found exciting proposals, especially at Futuro Maschile and at Scandinavian Manifesto. I also really appreciated S|Style because Galeries Lafayette has been a pioneer among department stores regarding sustainability. We will celebrate the 5th anniversary of our Go for Good program. We are always searching for beautiful and quality brands with a genuine environmental and social approach. The event calendar was inspiring: from Digel to Fendi to ERL.

Eric Pech, Men Buying Manager

I was at Pitti Uomo the entire week, starting from the beautiful opening evening on Monday, which was fantastic both in terms of the location and the guests. Among the sections that I liked the most was the Central Pavilion, I Go Out, the scouting at S|Style, and the section dedicated to Northern European brands, Scandinavian Manifesto, with whom I have been collaborating for years now. It's great to see that the fair caters not only to established industry professionals but also invests in and supports young talented designers whom I had the opportunity to meet during the event. The fair is an important opportunity for me to research and communicate with colleagues and suppliers. The ERL show was beautiful: the setup, the collection, everything... A truly successful choice!

— ANTONIOLI, Milan (Italy),
Danny Stienen, Head Buyer

This edition was even brighter, with many exhibitors and events! We already work with the big brands, so at the fair, I was looking for something new suitable for a young target audience, even smaller companies focused on a single high-quality product, and I found several interesting proposals, especially in the Cavaniglia Pavilion. I hope all the Japanese pre-Covid exhibitors will return soon, and I would also like a look at the Chinese and Russian fashion scene.

— BOSCO DI CILIEGI, Mosca (Russia),
Nikolay Demin, Division Director

It was my first time at Pitti Uomo. I had a completely different idea of what it would be like, perhaps because I was distracted by the lifestyle images I had seen on social media, but the business side is a core aspect of the fair. It was a great scouting opportunity, with a wide range of categories from classic to sportswear to the new hiking trend. Pitti Uomo is truly a great show, and from an organizational perspective, I have never encountered such professional people before!

— VITCAK, Warsaw (Poland),
Alan Wojcieszak, Visual Merchandiser

I am a loyal attendee of the winter edition of Pitti Uomo, and I must say that this summer edition was equally inspiring. Aside from the captivating opening night, what caught my attention was the significant presence of brands dedicated to lifestyle. As someone who focuses on offering high-quality, Made in Italy products in my stores, it was a delight to see renowned formal brands like Kiton Group, and Brunello Cucinelli all nearby at the fair. The emphasis on exquisite fabrics such as silk and cashmere was also noteworthy, as I discovered numerous intriguing proposals in these realms. The concept of Pitti Pets, which caters to an expanding market, is quite fascinating. However, looking ahead, I would love to see an even broader range of fashion sneakers available. I'm aware that the number of buyers continues to grow, and I'm confident that in the next edition, we will witness an even greater presence of Japanese and North American participants. Undoubtedly, the fair provides a significant opportunity for scouting new trends. In this regard, I believe it is essential to foster fresh collaborations continually. Additionally, it serves as a valuable platform for establishing and strengthening connections with companies we already work with.

— THE BUSINESS FASHION, Leicester (United Kingdom),
Costas Karageorge, Founder

I am a firm supporter of Pitti Uomo. The fair is a meeting point for culture, fashion, commerce, and creativity. Even in this edition, there was a great atmosphere, as always! It was a positive opportunity for meeting and exchanging ideas with colleagues, where I sensed great vitality and a desire to act, and where you can gather a lot of information about trends and the market. I was looking for the right mix between casual and elegant – the modern casual that now sets the rules – and I found several interesting proposals, such as the reinterpretation of the jacket in lighter fabrics and shapes suitable for a younger target, it’s a return to elegance in a contemporary way. The Central Pavilion, from the Attic Floor to the Lower Floor, always offers a range of exciting and coherent brands. Two fundamental aspects of today's market are made-in-Italy production and eco-sustainability, actual added values for sales.

— FELLONI, Giulio Felloni, OWNER OF FELLONI (Ferrara) and President of Federazione Moda Italia-Confcommercio (Italy)

How did I find this edition of Pitti Uomo? Even more professional than in the past: perhaps fewer people, but more focused, with high-level buyers and exhibitors. Our store is in Mexico City, and Pitti Uomo represents an important opportunity for us in terms of visibility, both for the Italian and international markets, as well as for scouting. This season, I was particularly interested in accessories and found several exciting brands in the Central Pavilion, from Futuro Maschile at the top floor to the lower level, and in Futuro Maschile. Italy is the country where trends are born, and the fair is the ideal place to discover how fashion is evolving and what the new directions are.

— SILVER DEER, Mexico City (Mexico),
Robert Hirsh, Founder

By far, the best edition so far. It was incredible and stimulating to see so many people at the fair. There were also many new brands and ideas to drive menswear forward. I noticed a great balance between established and emerging brands in this edition, from Herno to ERL. We have a significant partnership with the former, and we stock the latter, so it was great to see both at such an important show. It reinforces the idea that Pitti Uomo has a lot to offer, it is the best place to get an overview of the men's market! All the new features of this edition, such as the new dimensions of I Go Out and S|Style, the Vintage Hub Circular Fashion, the second edition of Pitti Pets, were interesting and a great way to see the categories expand and try new things. In short, Pitti Uomo is a great way to kick off the men's fashion season and is also an opportunity to meet many existing suppliers, talk about new things, and discuss future collaborations.

Laura Larbalestier, Fashion Director

I hadn't been to Pitti since 2009, and I must say I noticed a significant difference. The fair has always been a reference point for the menswear world, but it has become even more professional, comprehensive, and easy to navigate in recent years. I'm in contact with many industry buyers, and we all say the same thing: if we have to choose one fair, it's Pitti Uomo! The timing is perfect, before Milan and Paris, which allows us to discover new brands. The organization has been exceptional. The idea of Pitti Pets is fun, and I was generally interested in everything that can add value to the lifestyle. I found many valid inputs. Among my favorite sections were Superstyling and S|Style. The special events were great, so much so that it would be nice to see the guest designers at the fair as well, with a capsule or installation...

— LABELS, (The Netherlands),
Ramon Ehlen, Co-owner

Pitti Uomo marks the beginning of the season. Great atmosphere, nice community, it's nice to meet everyone and see the different styles and ways of dressing, all these very Italian garments! In this edition, I was particularly looking for new designers, emerging international brands, and the Superstyling section was truly interesting. The fair is a great opportunity for contact and interaction among industry professionals, everyone is here!

— FORWARD, Los Angeles (United States),
Ramon Luna, Men’s Buyer

I’ve returned to Pitti after 10 years. The organization is impeccable: the fair is a great platform for contemporary men's fashion, even more engaging, digital and forward-looking. A key part of our job as buyers is to be able to give an experience to our clients and I find the same vision at the fair, just think of the Balloon Museum at the entrance, so much fun! We are opening a new store in Mumbai by the end of the year, so my goal at the fair was to find new high fashion streetwear offerings, and I have to say that I found several brands that reflect our standards, with a nice contamination of art and luxury. Interesting is the idea of Pitti Pets that represents a growing market, while I found many emerging brands of quality and innovative fabrics at Superstyling. The Central Pavilion and Futuro Maschile remain sure bets and I also really enjoyed the sections dedicated to vintage and sustainable fashion research (S|Style).

— ADITYA BIRLA, (India),
Nivedita Sabhahit, Buying Manager

A truly wonderful atmosphere! It was so much fun and energetic, with everyone happily connecting with each other and buyers from around the world. The reason I decided to attend Pitti Uomo was precisely for this: to meet industry professionals, share visions, and, of course, scout for exclusive brands. The Pitti Immagine team has done an excellent job of revitalizing the fair's image. They have ensured representation of all aspects of menswear, from classic styles to tailoring, and even incorporated new trends in hiking gear and luxury sportswear. I was particularly impressed by the innovative choice of ERL as the guest designer, a brand that I deeply appreciate. The Cavaniglia Pavilion for new names, the new I Go Out exhibit, and the Balloon Museum at the entrance were all highly interesting.

— SMETS, (Belgium - Luxembourg),
Pascaline Smets, Owner

Pitti Uomo is a very well-organized fair that attracts and manages buyers from all over the world. It's great to have the opportunity to interact with so many industry professionals. I have collaborated with ERL in the past, and it's nice to see them showcased at such an important international event. I was looking for contemporary brands, something special with an important name, and I found new collaborations, especially in Scandinavian Manifesto, one of my favorite sections, and S|Style. 

— ENG Group, (China),
Laura Darmon, Senior Buyer

I came from Australia to be here! And I am very happy I did: first of all for the organization and hospitality - I really couldn't have wished for better! - but then I discovered so many important brands that I wouldn't have had the chance to get to know if I hadn't participated. I am in charge of classic menswear, so the part I delved into the most was the Central Pavilion. I already work with many of the brands at the fair, but it's great to see them here, meet them personally and see their presentations. The human aspect is a key part of our work as buyers. Among my favorite sections was Scandinavian Manifesto: brands from Northern Europe have a different way of presenting collections and I find them very authentic.

— HARROLDS, Sydney (Australia),
Alireza Shakoori, Buyer

Pitti Uomo is the main show of the season! Our store focuses on cutting-edge proposals and trends, and we're here to seek inspiration. I didn't have a specific category in mind, I came with an open mind to be surprised, and the fair succeeded in doing that with the large number of people and the organized events. Everything was really exciting. ERL is one of the top names at the moment, and my wish for the fair is always to follow this line of research, seeking not established names but those of the moment.

— MINI, Madrid (Spain),
Oscar Qala, Owner

First time at Pitti Uomo. The fair is very different from what I imagined: I was afraid it would be more classic and that I wouldn't find interesting brands for my target, but I was wrong! The atmosphere is very welcoming, Pitti Games is a relaxing theme, the Balloon Museum installation is a fun experience, everyone is really friendly. We specialize in more technical streetwear, so I particularly enjoyed Scandinavian Manifesto, the proposals at the Sala delle Nazioni, Sala della Ronda, and I Go Out, where I got to know interesting brands that are not yet established in the States. The opening gala was also very nice. I like the commitment toward sustainable fashion, which I hope will soon expand to different aspects of inclusivity.

— SOMEWHERE, Washington (United States),
Dominick Adams, Owner

The fair has been incredibly positive and bustling with activity. We saw a lot of Asian customers, particularly from Korea, Japan, and China, which has been fantastic. We've had the pleasure of meeting new stores from Italy and other markets, and expanding our distribution network in Italy and Germany. This return to Pitti after the pandemic has exceeded our expectations. The past three years made it challenging to open new accounts through our showrooms alone. Therefore, Pitti has become a crucial part of our strategy. I really think we will be back.

— SUNSPEL, Michael Otero, Head of Sales

An excellent Pitti Uomo. It's a worthy confirmation of a successful winter edition. The presence of buyers and press was great in terms of both quality and quantity. Of course, there are still some markets missing, like obviously the Russian area, and Eastern countries are just starting to come back. But apart from that, Pitti Uomo proves to be an unmissable event, the only one that is still attractive and capable of giving companies the opportunity to make themselves known. The rest, then, is up to the collection.

— HERNO, Claudio Marenzi, President

The fair has been busier than previous editions. It’s back to pre-pandemic levels of
attendance. Global markets are represented, a lot of Europeans, a few Americans, so far but maybe that’s because they’re not gravitating towards us as a brand. The department stores are here, big online retailers are here, a lot of independent boutiques are here. It feels fresh. For me Pitti is not an order-writing show, it is more of a showcase. So it’s more about
seeing the buyers and seeing the buying directors who then send their buyers to our
showroom. But we also have some boutiques who write their orders here.

— RON DORFF, Christopher Amoroso, wholesale eTail director

Compared to the past years, we have seen many people, many buyers who came back after
Covid. There was a good footfall of people and everybody started to enjoy the collections,
touching and feeling the pieces. It is exciting, even for us to showcase our products to buyers worldwide directly. For us, it’s not about the big numbers but quality. We saw many very high end buyers.

— NANAMICA, Eiichiro Homma, founder

Returning to Pitti after a three-year hiatus has been incredibly rewarding. The feedback, the atmosphere, and the collaboration with Pitti have exceeded our expectations. We felt the optimistic mood of our customers and their renewed openness. We saw many customers from Greece, Spain, and Scandinavia. We are confident that the next exhibition will be even more successful. Pitti Uomo is an unmissable event for us, a place where we can personally connect and cater to our customers' needs. Participating in Pitti is in line with our goal really to extend the business internationally. It is also a very important reception for the next two weeks where we will write orders in our showroom in Paris, making appointments with people who have already seen the collection.

— DRYKORN, Marco Goetz, founder

Pitti is like the warming up each season, it’s a fundamental step. It motivates us, it’s really useful for visibility and to feel the market. It’s like taking a look at the mirror in the morning. This June there were definitely more people, and it’s professional people, which is very good. We saw a lot of press, a lot of professionals from interesting areas and markets. So we are happy. We have a men’s line, so of course, we have to be here. It’s like a seal of approval, like you’re in the game.

— KSENIA SCHNAIDER, Anton Schnaider, co-founder

This edition of Pitti Uomo went very well, the best since the Covid pandemic. There was a great enthusiasm felt in Fortezza. In the first two days, there was a growing number of visitors and interest from the press and influencers. We met many customers, especially foreigners, particularly Asians and Americans. The organization was excellent as always. I greatly appreciated the presence of the restaurant Filippo, which I already knew and it was nice to find it here.

— PIACENZA CASHMERE 1733, Vassily Piacenza, brand manager

A vibrant Pitti Uomo that confirms itself as one of the few opportunities to meet customers, press, and manufacturers all in one place, strongly focused on men's fashion. I would say that Pitti Uomo is the last bastion: there are no other events like this that can have such an impact. We received visits from many international customers, many of whom we hadn't seen since the pandemic. It’s very nice to be in Florence.

— DOUCAL’S, Gianni Giannini, CEO

It's my first time at Pitti Uomo: an excellent experience. The Vintage Hub Circular Fashion project, in which I was involved, seems very interesting, and I hope it continues to grow and gain more space within Pitti Uomo. At the Fortezza, my brand has been successful, especially among department store buyers and the press. It was well received by Russians, Japanese, Turks, and French. The Pitti Immagine team was always available.

— FRIDA, Daiana Giorgi, Founder

A great experience. It was exciting to be here for the first time and introduce our brand to so many people. We chose Pitti Uomo because it is a global showcase that puts you in touch with a huge audience and different targets. We received excellent feedback for our collection, including from Italian buyers. All our expectations were more than satisfied.

— PAST TENSE STUDIO, Victor Lindh, co-founder

Pitti is and remains the reference fair. A very fresh edition, people participated without being in the usual frenzy, in a more relaxed and friendly atmosphere where the desire to start again was fully felt. It felt like going back to our early participations! After almost 20 years of activity, SUN68 is reconsidering the origins of the brand. We felt the desire and courage to dust off our archives, and we feel that this need for essentiality could reflect the direction of menswear in general in the immediate future. We participated with 4 stands and recorded excellent attendance from all perspectives. In one sentence, Pop is back!

— SUN68, Enrico Spinazzé, CEO

The atmosphere at this edition was international and dynamic, finally marking a return to the fast pace of business and communication. Participating was significant for us for several reasons. Firstly, after a 10-year absence, our presence at the event allowed us to reaffirm our brand in the industry and generate substantial interest and anticipation. We strengthened our presence in key markets like Italy, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom, while also exploring new growth opportunities in promising foreign markets like Japan, Korea, and the Middle East. The presence of influential figures from the fashion industry, including designers, buyers, and journalists, fostered an environment rich in networking opportunities and knowledge exchange.

— NAPAPIJRI, Silvia Onofri, president