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Hilda.Henri: when inspiration comes from modern art but also Alpine culture
Edition 92
Petra Barkhof, deputy editor and digital director of kid's wear Magazine, interviews Verena Wondrak e Mirkus Hahn of Hilda.Henri's creative team.
The story of Hilda.Henri began with a jumper dress made out of boiled wool, a former mountain farmers fabric. It was 2013, and since then, they have been committed to preserving the environment (all fabrics are GOTS certified) and the Alps' craftsmanship tradition. A modern heritage drawing inspiration from contemporary art, cinema, music. Their styles always show an artistic and joyful spirit that makes them stand out
Petra Barkhof: What does art represent in your life? 
Verena Wondrak: I think there are two significant cornerstones in our lives: art and nature. As I grew up in a musically very talented family I was surrounded by music. We have many artist friends, and we decided to dedicate our new collection to creative people all around the world. 
Mirkus Hahn: I grew up in a small town - without theater or even cinema. To watch arthouse movies I often went by bike 25km to the next bigger city as a teenager. For a long time in my life, cinema, theater and books had the most powerful influence on my life.

Which are your favorite artists? 
Mirkus Hahn: This is a very tricky question. Where to begin?
I really love the work of Cy Twombly. He's one of my favorites of all times. We took inspiration from this artist for a former summer collection. 
How do you transfer an emotion into a dress? 
VW: While designing we are striving for a mix of simplicity and sophistication. We create with love for details. We develop prints, hand painted by ourselves. We are reinterpreting styles from traditional costumes, transferring emotion into a dress - and also meaning and value.

What fascinates you most about Alpine traditions? 
MH: For centuries, people living in the Alps have had a very close connection to their impressive natural environment. We feel strongly committed to this tradition. To go into the mountains can be a short trip, but it's also a way to experience eternity. It makes us wonder about time and also about our personal limits. We strongly believe that restrictions have the potential to enrich our lives and businesses, as we gain authenticity. 
VW: It gives me a piece of childhood back. My mother used to dress me and my sister in traditional clothing and we spent a lot of time in the mountains and with friends who were mountain farmers. It's been one of our dreams when starting Hilda.Henri that our garments get passed down from child to child - another Alpine tradition we love. 

How would you describe your collection to a buyer? 
VW: LA STRADA is a very poetic collection - inspired by the legendary cinema classic by Federico Fellini. And since the reference is black and white Classic European Cinema, we find these two colors in the collection, which features bright tones in the details. High-quality mohair, quilted cotton, and boiled wool are the most used fabrics for stand-out garments like coats and skirts, and a very special cape inspired by the main character of the film. The film's distinctive blend of surrealism and spiritualism lives on in the collection and infuses its poetics. A poetics that children know how to wear perfectly.We have been striving for this special interplay of creativity, sustainability and timeless silhouettes, with love for details. And we are proud to offer a capsule teenage collection for up to 20 years. 
MH: We have raised our eco-sustainable processes to the next level as we paid attention to work with high-quality fabrics, using only natural fibers and lots of organic qualities. We are convinced this is a promising path to walk. 
What are your strengths as persons? 
MH: I am very passionate. I have the power to dream. 
VW: I trust my heart and believe in what I'm doing. 
MH: We are both fighters. 

Heart and business get along well? 
MH: It is fulfilling, but at the same time challenging. Of course there are ups and downs. 
VW: We feel deeply connected with each other. How to surprise one another is an important thing in life as a couple.