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Barbara Frères
Barbara Frères
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Buyers Select focuses on key buyers, who share their favorite pieces from Pitti Connect brands.

Barbara Frères has been exploring, curating, and finessing the realm of children’s fashion with her sharp vision for the last 43 years.
Ever since opening her first store in 1978 on Düsseldorf’s Köningsallee, the Warsaw-born buyer and designer has enduringly pioneered the establishment and flourishing of children’s luxury fashion in Germany — setting the tone for other countries to follow suit.
We asked the Pitti Bimbo veteran to list her most memorable sartorial brands of the season.

The scent of these detergents for kids’ clothing is just so delicate. Knowing that their formula is anti-bacterial, with a skin PH neutral 5.5 will let you do your kids’ laundry in good conscience.

This dress could belong in a contemporary art gallery, with the artful draped ribbon. And considering the use of luxurious materials like silk —produced by the British silk factory that also carries to the Victoria and Albert Museum and The Tate in London—, you might think this dress should be in a gallery, but Amélie & Sophie makes it still wearable and sophisticated. It is so fun to discover all their shapes and dresses.

I believe that good sleep is one of the most important activities for every growing child. And how to better ensure a good night’s sleep than with sleepwear by Hanssop? They even produce their fabric on their own.

Versari makes adorable jewelry for kids. They are perfect gifts and make every outfit a little bit more special. I especially love this hot air balloon pendant — it makes me feel free and adventurous.

Isleande is a new discovery for me at this year’s Pitti Bimbo. They have wonderful dresses made of linen, in the most beautiful silhouettes. They are perfect for a summer on the beach, or in the city! This pink variation is my favorite for next summer.

Marlù is traditional Italian manufacturing for baby clothing, but with a modern twist. Their newest clue is the use of SeaCell made of algae and bamboo viscose. These 2 new innovative fibers have great benefits for the skin. (SeaCell contains vitamins and minerals that are good for the skin, it is also anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, while bamboo viscose is anti-bacterial and has UV protection.) And to make it even better — both fibers are sustainably cultivated and biodegradable. We want more of these innovations! 

This is the perfect dress for a special occasion in the summer. Whether for being a flower girl at a wedding, attending a birthday party, or a special family gathering, it is fit for all activities we are anxiously awaiting in the aftermath of the pandemic.

Look at this shelf! Who wouldn’t want to have a plane-shaped shelf on the wall? It is even made of ecologically sourced, non-toxic wood. This company does not use plastic and manufactures by hand. I love it. 

This is the perfect, everyday summer dress. Made of cotton, this Liberty-flower dress is the perfect fit for school, garden parties, or the playground on a hot summer day. Easy, effortless, and still well-dressed.

This French brand combines education and fun in wonderful games for kids. Your children can learn about different topics, such as animals, science, or history – all while being playfully entertained. And look at this football set — just right in time for this year’s European Cup, and the World Cup of 2022.
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