I Want To Be Green presents 
Twin & Chic, sustainable luxury
Edition 93
A Spanish brand that combines, in an unprecedented way, the concept of sustainability with luxury pieces for special occasions. Founded by Erika Gómez, the brand aims to take care of children's skin and protect Planet Earth at the same time. All garments are made in the San Sebastián atelier and are produced in traditional workshops in the north of Spain. In this way, handcrafted textile traditions are preserved, while the ecological impact is reduced to a minimum, especially in terms of water-saving. The garments stand out for their classic, simple and elegant cut, perfect to be handed down from child to child. Small details make them special. Another key feature: matching looks for siblings.
The sustainable idea
The brand only works with local Spanish suppliers. The production offers work to many women in northern Spain, in the Galicia region, and also preserves ancient crafts and traditions, such as honeycomb embroidery.
Green Materials
Only Gots organic fabrics, to take care of children's skin, and without harmful toxic components for totally biodegradable garments.
Something more
The Sustainability Journal each month offers information on sustainability. In addition, a clothing repair service has been activated to allow customers to continue using clothes and give them a second life.