I Want To Be Green presents UPA
Edition 93
I Want to be Green is the special Pitti Immagine project created to open the doors of Pitti Connect to the kidswear collections and initiatives that are in line with the “eco-conscious” drive of the new generations.

Sustainable design to educate about slowness

Sustainability is the new normal. A silent invitation to take a break, stop consuming and rushing. This is the message you get when looking at these light and romantic styles made with hand-dyed waste silk. Upa is aimed at the new generations, to educate them through fashion by promoting a new concept of sustainable design. The clothes are designed to last for a few seasons or be worn differently depending on the occasion.
The First Communion and Baptism collections, in particular, are to be passed on to siblings and future generations. Finally, the new Natasha-mè collection is a game to wear: dresses with a face to identify with, or big eyes to express emotions.
The sustainable idea
The collections are produced in Ireland and Lithuania, respecting ethical standards. Attention to the environment is also reflected in a design that remains consistent over the years to discourage consumerist culture, educating the new generations to explore personal style rather than following trends. The same piece can be worn for a long time.
Green Materials
Upa uses only sustainable materials, such as hand-dyed waste silk with vegetable colors. In addition, fabric waste is reused for the labels.
Something more
A silk ribbon is inserted inside the garments to embroider the name of the children who will progressively wear them: a way to state that each dress carries a value and the memory of those who grew up inside it and should not be thrown away.