Walk Through #1
Free-spirits, the theme of serenity
Edition 93
by Maria Giulia Pieroni @LaPieroni_

Soft and romantic colors, delicate and nuanced tones that are never clear-cut and drastic: these styles and objects are designed to emphasize the importance of comfort and relaxation, leading straight to the authenticity of gestures and movements aimed at spontaneity and naturalness.
After all, it is true that the elegance of simple shapes and natural materials, just like every little thing, hide a piece of secret music that takes us towards freedom.
1. Both innovative and sartorial, Bianca&Noè
2. Retro style with a modern twist, Collégien
3. Organic cotton and sustainability from the first months, Franck&Fischer
4. Soft pajamas in natural fibers, Hanssop
5. The lightness of the materials, Isleande
6. Exclusive and natural fabrics, Jamiks
7. Eco-friendly fabrics that know how to play with fashion, Looks by Luks
8. Soft prints and shades to experience nature in a playful way, mimOOkids
9. 100% organic, Pamboo
10. Delicate and polished dresses, Tivoli
11. Decorative elements for a quality bedroom, Trixie
12. Refined aesthetics and sustainability, Ulla Lab