Fashion Magazine:
Simona Luraghi (Miniconf): “In Florence with a new stand concept and the debut of Superga Kidswear”
Edition 93
The exhibitors at Pitti Bimbo included Miniconf which did not hesitate to take part in the first physical edition of the fair after such a long time.

“As our president Giovanni Basagni has already underlined”, begins the managing director Simona Luraghi, “we are convinced that this is not just the restart of the fair in itself, but of the Italian fashion system.  At this moment it is important to give a strong sign, to support an industry and an event which, more than any other, represents an Italian excellence and a showcase of intermediation and reference for kids’ fashion on an international level”. 

“We presented ourselves in the Sala Arco with a hybrid formula” continues the manager, "bringing Pitti Bimbo and our collections directly to the stores of the top clients who could not be here by streaming video content realized in our stand in real time on 1 and 2 July”.

The fair marks the world debut of the partnership with Superga which is entering into the kidswear segment with a collection designed for girls and boys from 3 to 14 years of age (in the photo), through the Icon, No Gender and Sport lines.
“The first challenge for us”says Luraghi “was to recodify the essence of this brand for the world of kids’ clothing, creating the new Superga Kidswear.  We worked on some concepts: the iconic nature of the brand that is translated into the essential lines and the targeted use of color, the supremacy of the logo that becomes graphic art and the imaginative play”.

The marketing of Superga Kidswear – the sales campaign of which began with a catwalk show where the protagonists were little avatars, in addition to video supports – will be directed towards wholesale channels, specialist chains and department stores: “The launch in Italy will be flanked by others in Spain, Russia, UK, Benelux, Portugal, Greece, the DACH area countries and some Nordic countries, and we will go further with FW 22/23.  We are assessing an e-commerce channel to be managed, as always, while respecting the balance of distribution”.

Another protagonist at the Fortezza is the Sarabanda collection with some new ideas starting with a focus on special occasions which will have picked up by next spring-summer: “Alongside the traditional look we will be proposing across the board garments for modern and customizable outfits” explains Simona Luraghi.  “However, there is no lack of casual/athleisure inspirational models characterized by a single buzz word, comfort.  The collaborations continue, with relevant capsule collections: I am talking about Ducati and Fiat Nuova 500, the latter is a line for baby boys and girls in 100% organic cotton.  Last but not least, beachwear, a debut with themes and colors that are coordinated with the rest of the collection”.

“The redefinition of the ceremonial sector, the focus on sustainability and the collaborations are, therefore, Sarabanda’s three focuses” summarizes the executive, “while Minibanda, at one time this brand’s newborn range, is now an independent brand with a complete offering for the littlest set whose SS 22 sales campaign was preceded by the recruiting of new clients, the activation of the website and a dedicated Instagram page, in parallel with a targeted influencer strategy”.

As a company “one of our priorities remains digitalization, external and internal.  We continue to work on remote presentations for clients and sales forces, with tools that are able to generate engagement and emotion.  Moreover, for some proposals in the collections we have replaced the physical samples with 3D technology, a method which, among other things, is more ecological”.

The new challenges are innovative multimedia materials for supporting sales in the sell in and sell out phases, through a lineup from which clients can draw content to share with their local network.  We can cite multimedia catalogues enriched by gifs, videos, reels and stop motions, without counting the use of podcasts and Spotify to promote initiatives like the Abbracciaterra (Embrace the earth) project linked to the Sarabanda capsule collection for the Fiat Nuova 500, the aim of which is to raise the awareness of the younger generations about the environment.  The role of influencers is also important, as long as they promote healthy and original values.

“Starting from this month of July” concludes Luraghi “we are launching the Insieme per crescere (Growing together) communication project, which is part of the Miniconf al tuo fianco (Miniconf by your side) program.  These are monthly streamed rendezvous with the top clients of Sarabanda, Minibanda and our other brand, iDO, through which we can share updates, content and useful tools for supporting the sell out of the collections present at that time in the sales outlet”.