Style in-between pages #1 From art to fashion
Edition 93
Il giardino di Monet [In Monet's garden], by Kaatje Vermeire (Kite Edizioni / original edition Leopold and Kunstmuseum Den Haag)

MONET'S PASTEL SHADES by Oriana Picceni - Style Piccoli

Illustrated books are a precious chest of beautiful stories and different views on the world and everyday life. And each of us can seek the story interpretation that we feel closer with, entering it with our sensitivity, through our experiences and visions. Just like when you look at a work of art.
This is why we decided to dedicate a series in four episodes to talk about fashion through books devoted to some great artists' art, life, and skills. On the pages, we will be looking for style details and evocative patterns that may reference to the latest trends or, vice versa, inspire new ways
Il giardino di Monet [In Monet's garden], by Kaatje Vermeire (Kite Edizioni / original edition Leopold and Kunstmuseum Den Haag)

Considered the father of Impressionism, with his love for flowers and their colors, for the reflection of light on the water, and the cycle of the seasons, Claude Monet has shown us the wonder of nature in each of his paintings. He encapsulated a moment in a brushstroke. And every season, fashion draws inspiration from such intensity, bringing pastel shades and touches of light into the wardrobe.

My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece.
Claude Monet
If you're looking for ideas, check out the gallery below, where you can find some inputs from me:
The delicate essence of nature also lies in the details, like the bow pinned to the L'Orsobruno blouse.
The Collegién ribbed socks evoke the water lilies' colors illuminated by the reflection on the water.
The flowers' tones brighten up this very fresh dress by Mimookids
A beautiful shade of aqua green, just like that of the little lakes in the Giverny garden, adds character to this retro-cut dress by Poupée
Fabrics and colors inspired by nature feature in the Tivoli suits, which seem to be made especially for enjoying the outdoors
And finally, a flower bouquet from Monet's garden and pinned to this Ursi romantic blouse
Oriana Picceni
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