The Nest 
Karinù, the soft idea for babies
Edition 94
Based in Andorra, the brand has been on the market for just over a year, with a gentle and sustainable approach that reflects the raw materials used in its collections: Pima cotton and Alpaca. It was founded by Karen and Federico, who have a background in the fashion world and extensive experience in the commercial sector. The idea of transforming their passion into a new brand was born precisely from the discovery of Pima, which took place at Pitti Uomo in 2018, and from the decision to enhance it by making clothes for those who are living the sweetest and most important years of life, children. At this edition of Pitti Bimbo, Karinù presents itself with a  0-2 years capsule of comfortable and timeless garments, which combine organic and fair trade Pima cotton with Alpaca wool, produced in Peru by the first organic company in the sector.
The line offers a comfortable, timeless style and bright colors to accompany children day after day.
The Essential collection features 100% Organic Pima Cotton garments and a capsule in Baby Alpaca.
We wanted to make comfortable and soft garments for babies and children, so we chose Pima cotton, which is the softest cotton in the world with its extra-long fiber.
The Baby Alpaca capsule was born from the desire to offer soft garments even for the colder seasons. With this goal, we have combined the softest cotton with the softest wool, and the result is the capsule in Baby Alpaca and Organic Pima Cotton.
This is not the classic childrenswear brand story of in which the founders are super mums who, in addition to embarking on the adventure of motherhood, begin to create products and items that cannot be found in other brands and support parents their children's growth.
We, Karen and Federico, have a background in the fashion world and extensive experience in the commercial sector, have decided to create our own brand. Why? In this case, the idea came directly from the raw material.
We discovered Pima cotton at a trade fair and fell in love with it. That incredible sensation of softness stayed with us. After much thought (honestly, not that much), we decided that the best option to enhance it and make it stand out compared to classic cotton was to make clothes for those who live the sweetest and most important years: children.
Every idea and every dream needs an incubation period. So, we put it on the back burner for a while without forcing it. Until the time has come.
We think every entrepreneur has their own timing.
We got tired of living in the big city where we worked for important companies, with big teams and ambitious projects: everything was big, except our satisfaction and feeling of freedom.
In September 2019, we decided our time had come and got to work.
We did not know what the year 2020 would bring us. But despite everything – and "everything" this year is a very broad term – here we are! Happy to share our project with you, but above all with children, who deserve all the softness of each style in our collection. 
We hope that when you read this short presentation, you have already had the opportunity to touch our Pima cotton first hand, to be able to understand what we are talking about and why we decided to launch this and make it known.
We worked respecting the most precious thing for all: our planet. We are not perfect, nor do we claim to be. We know that we still have a long way to go to be even more eco-responsible, but we are also among those who think that every step and action must go in this direction.
So whatever we can do to respect our planet's resources, we will do it.