Around Kids:
Alessandra Foschi
Edition 95
As part of Around Kids, we explore the world of Alessandra Foschi, the soul, along with two partners, of Archivio Personale, an architecture studio specializing in ephemeral projects – temporary, emotional, creative, engaging, but only lasting in the hearts of those who experience them. They collaborate with Pitti Immagine as well. Currently, Alessandra lives with her 7-month-old child, Mario.
Have your habits and style changed since having Mario?

Despite the powerful impact, I tried to be organized and not feel overwhelmed or upset. I have included Mario in my daily routine as much as possible. I take him to some inspections (he was at Fortezza da Basso and Maggio Fiorentino nearly as a newborn), he crawls around the studio, but I have a babysitter watching him. The way I dress has always been pretty easy, but I've noticed I'm wearing less black and more bright colors, like him. I like garments that are a bit funny, for kids, nice and among these our favorites are the sun yellow trousers, for a cheerful rather than elegant style. I exclude playsuits that seem constricting and I pay great attention to the materials: organic cotton first of all.
How do you shop for him and for yourself?

I buy a lot online based on need, and then I let myself be spontaneous in shopping. If I happen to see a shop for children when I am traveling, I enter, wander, and buy what I like. And I do the same for myself, wandering around ...
What does your home look like?

I just bought an apartment and we will be moving in in September, so where we live right now is temporary. I love green and textiles, from curtains to cushions, everything is green. Mario doesn't have a bedroom yet, but I am designing one with natural wood: a low bed from which he can get off and on without assistance from adults, and Montessori furniture at his height to become independent.
How do you get ready to go out?

We mostly walk in the afternoon since I don't go out much in the evening. The clothes I wear are usually more sporty, flat-soled shoes and comfy trousers or skirts, while Mario wears T-shirts and shorts almost all the time. So far we have used the baby carrier or sling, but now we are switching to the stroller. This gives me the impression that he will be more comfortable and free to look around.

Meanwhile Mario, who was gurgling before, has fallen asleep