I Want to Be Green
Recycle / Reuse / Preloved
Edition 95
We love our beautiful Planet and those who respect and protect it. The new normal should be sustainable, we think. This is why the I Want to Be Green project exists: it champions Pitti Bimbo's proposals through "truly" responsible kidswear at every edition. From luxury to accessories, the brands are carefully selected, far from greenwashing, and the antipodes of facade ecology. It is no surprise that the project has been curated since its debut by Dimitra Zavakou, the founder of Berlin concept lab Little Pop Up and a pioneer of green kidswear.

Under the I Want to Be Green banner are brands whose style research and commitment goes in two directions: on the one hand, protecting the environment by reducing their consumption of resources and their footprint. On the other hand, ensuring that the clothes are of the highest quality designed to protect and respect the little ones' health. All done according to a work ethic that respects people and does not exploit those employed in the production chain.

Recycled raw materials, plant-based fabrics, and plastic-free packaging. But not only that. Because brands that believe in the need for a green revolution express their philosophy through educational and awareness campaigns, inviting those who purchase a piece for their child to consider it special and precious, making it last over time and "passing it on" so that it continues to live without becoming waste to be disposed of later.