Walk Through #7
Into the Wild
by Elle Kids
Edition 95
Revolutionary road. With laces that fly in the air, floral embroideries that follow the road, and green accessories for a free and relaxed look. The perfect wardrobe for traveling around the world between play and fantasy.
These total looks are timeless; T-shirt and trousers and mini-sized romper in strictly organic fabric, a capsule for children and adults
Little house each piece is made entirely by hand by Claudio using local wood and PEFC certified semi-finished products treated with natural oils
Survival, the eco-friendly fabric dress, ideal for girls who love adventure
Flower power embroidered socks in natural cotton
Once Upon a Time is the Portuguese collection that aims for a less disposable future where the concept is "Born Green." Naturally, the entire collection is organic
Little chefs between lifestyle accessories and gourmand dishes with a minimal chic design
Little House on the Prairie: the organic cotton total look is embellished with tailored details
Cotton Moon
Good night with mini-me pajamas with couture details, also perfect to wear out of the bed
The collection of haute couture collars embellished with hand-made embroidery
Farm village between country cut dresses and cottage-inspired accessories
by Laura Salsi
When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a princess and living in a beautiful fairy castle filled with lace and frills, but life sometimes surprises you. After 25 years, I'm not a princess, but an Elle fashion journalist. While I still love lace and frills, I've become more of a rocker. It was such a thrill to see Pitti Bimbo for the first time; a carousel of colors, joy, and children playing with fashion in the Fortezza da Basso square. It was love at first sight. Today, I attempt to interpret their looks in the style of ELLE…