The Nest
Edition 96
Small brands, big ideas
The world of kidswear is constantly evolving, and The Nest is the project that, since January 2017, has been providing a dedicated space for small brands entering the market with innovative, dynamic, and creative proposals. The selection is based on Dimitra Zavakou's careful scouting, pioneer of responsible kidswear and founder of the Berlin-based concept lab Little Pop Up. For Pitti Immagine Bimbo, she is searching for fresh talent and names: newly-born brands from all over the world with a shared commitment to eco-sustainability and unique stories to discover. And support.

The brands: Appulu, Blanc Athens, Helps Nature, Ludò, Michi Home Linen, Nannetta, Nenalife Kid Care, Noese, The Black Lab by Appulu, The Little Blazer Company, W.O.P World of Pop.
Michi Home Linen
A made-in-Italy brand that creates romantic and precious linens that cater to the dreams of young children. The sheets, comforter covers, and quilts are designed to be gentle on the delicate skin of babies. The brand pays close attention to the materials used, such as Oeko Tex cotton, linen, crushed linen, bamboo, and hemp, and features small animals and embroideries to add a whimsical touch. The covers are made with only the softest yarns in the most delicate colors, such as eco cashmere, hemp, and Yak.
Helps Nature
A collection of alpaca and organic cotton garments made from repurposed fabrics and using natural and seasonless hues. This young brand's green and "zero waste" philosophy was born from two cultures, Italian and English. The founder, Alessandra, and the designer, Sophie, have teamed up to create a collection that respects the planet and its resources.
Nenalife Kid Care
Launched in October by the influencer Francesca Rocco, this cosmetic brand offers products made of natural, simple, and safe ingredients for cleansing and caring for children's and mothers’ skin. Such as Active Prebiotic, derived from chicory root, which regulates skin balance and prevents redness and irritation; and Fucose, an essential sugar found in breast milk, which is ultra-moisturizing and helps with inflammatory processes and immune response.
Founded in 2021, this Portuguese brand offers bold, timeless, eco-friendly, and ethical garments. The basic concept is to launch small, seasonal collections made from recycled fabrics to reduce waste. With its first capsule collection, "The Dream Factory," the brand imagined entering a fantastic chocolate factory. The tones are black and white with various patterns and fabrics mixed in.
The Little Blazer Company
It is Britain's first gender-neutral luxury kidswear brand. The blazer is the key piece: colorful, ironic, and tailored, a cult garment to pass down from generation to generation. Local production takes place under the strictest ethical standards. The fabrics selected are delicate, comfortable, versatile, fresh, and entirely sustainable because they are made of Harris Tweed®, 100% pure new wool from the UK, and lined in vegan satin.
Blanc Athens
The atelier in downtown Athens that designs and manufactures hats will debut its first collection dedicated to children at Pitti Bimbo: a range of brightly colored headwear made of natural, renewable, and biodegradable fibers, such as merino wool. All pieces are handmade by local artisans and milliners, passing on an ancient craft to a new generation. They combine their knowledge with 3D design and experimental materials. Production is also done responsibly, not serially, and by conserving and recycling every component.
Creating garments for a global and responsible community with a tongue-in-cheek style built on artisanal roots. To reduce waste, production is done in small batches. Yarns are dyed with natural eco-friendly colors and fabrics are organic. All of the elastic bands are made of cotton, and the packaging is made of paper and cloth.
Velvet and tartan, ruffles, embroidery, and buttons. A made-in-Italy brand's collections inspired by the 70s and created by a textile entrepreneur who realized the importance of upcycling and circular economies. The garments are created using fabrics recovered from Italian weavers' warehouses. The "deadstock" thus becomes precious limited edition capsules.
From the Principality of Monte Carlo comes an eco-friendly brand offering romantic and timeless garments. Bows and collars, bonnets, and ruffles enrich garments made of eco-friendly materials with details designed to ensure the well-being of the little ones.
W.O.P World of Pop
Planet Earth is the symbol of this brand that offers collections for the whole family: joy-filled prints, bold colors, and agender cuts for a creative closet to mix and match. And to support an eco-responsible approach.