by Elle Kids
Walk Through #3
Edition 96
​​​​​​​by Laura Elisabetta Salsi @lauraelisabetta.salsi
Retro nostalgia for natural fabrics and accessories. A herbarium of nature-tinted style, including flowery dresses, sneakers in earthy tones, and green details. Chic is increasingly eco-friendly and ethical this year in a modern fairy tale atmosphere where wild dresses, sustainable denim, and bon-ton outfits mingle with neo-vintage accessories. Often expertly handcrafted locally.

A selection of original designer labels to wear casually
The total look is strictly eco-friendly, cozy, sophisticated, and modern. The designs are original and perfect for children who love to play outside.
Green attitude...
Masterfully crafted Spanish shoes. Designed for feet that love splashing around by the sea.
Steps to happiness...
A design inspired by the 1970s with contemporary details. The collection is entirely upcycled.. Save the world…
The romantically natural aesthetic of this Indian brand takes us to distant worlds. All materials used in the collection are recycled.
Around the world…
The ironic historic French brand Collégien produces environmentally friendly socks and booties. It balances modernity with a retro style that appeals to both adults and children.
The world in color...
Is a celebration of minimalism, natural materials, and comfort. The hues are soft and reminiscent of earthy tones.
It's a fairy tale with a happy ending.
The Play-up collection consists of small pieces made from recyclable materials. Beautiful, rich, sartorial details that smell like childhood.
Once Upon a time
The Attipas collection features booties embellished with cute little animals.
Walking barefoot in the park
Classic and modern pieces. It is a tradition passed down from mother to daughter. Handmade pieces made under ethical conditions.
A modern tale
Shoes for growing up. Crafted with care. A perfect fit for the little foot's natural development.
Good and beautiful
When I was a child, I dreamed of becoming a princess and living in a beautiful fairy castle filled with lace and frills, but life sometimes surprises you. After 25 years, I'm not a princess, but an Elle fashion journalist. While I still love lace and frills, I've become more of a rocker. It was such a thrill to see Pitti Bimbo for the first time; a carousel of colors, joy, and children playing with fashion in the Fortezza da Basso square. It was love at first sight. Today, I attempt to interpret their looks in the style of ELLE…