By Style Piccoli
Edition 98
If you're among those who love chasing through the leaves, seeking enchanted corners, and discovering new paths to find a friendly little animal, the upcoming fall/winter collections have the perfect wardrobe for you.
One of the biggest anti-cold trends of the next season is beautifully designed with a palette of natural tones, evoking the warmth of the earth and all the shades found in nature. Inspired by the forest, it invites us to imagine new adventures and dress them in magic, to step outside and enjoy the wonders of the environment around us. Let's be carried away by the scents of the mountain and the desire to discover secret corners. Just venture a little into the foliage to find the perfect spot to stop, listen to beautiful stories only trees can whisper, admire the shapes and colors of the leaves, and make friends with squirrels, dormice, and birds.

And when we return to the city and miss the forest? No worries! We can always bring a bit of nature into our wardrobe. Prints that remind us of leaves, trees, and animals, and choosing the warmest colors, like shades of brown and ochre, mixed with moss green and rust, we can bring the magic to every day!
Oriana Picceni
I am passionate about children’s literature, art, design, fashion, illustration, theater, and anything that can spark the imagination. I became a journalist for the love of stories. I like meeting people, listening to them, and writing about them. You can read me in the pages of Style Piccoli or the colored clouds of my blog Spinginuvole (, a crossroads of stories, projects, and ideas. If I am not reading, writing, or cooking tarts, you are sure to find me in the mountains, where I am working on the new edition of the children’s literary festival Un Ponte di Storie (
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