Pitti Filati Players Vol. 4
Edition 88
We continue our digital story dedicated to the protagonists of Pitti Filati featuring historical yarn manufacturers and latest generation machinery. We have now reached the fourth episode: discover the companies and their latest products for SS 2022!

Established in 1850, this company is one of the few complete cycle yarn mills which has all its production units in Italy.
It followed a sustainable path right from the start and today, as in the past, the firm demonstrates a strong commitment to production transparency and 360-degree company sustainability, only using green electricity and, since 2019, applying the Chemical Management 4Sustainability protocol to the whole production process.  There are ten yarn macro-trends for SS 2022: La lana d’estate – A Seasonless Choice; Eco Waterproof – sailing the Summer; Green & Recycled – Radically Honest; The Cashwool Family – Authentic Soul; Wool & The Others - Light in Summertime; Natural Blends – Wellbeing to wear; Ultra fine yarns – Equilibrium; Precious Blend – Heritage; Cashmere Blends – Ancient Virtues; Carded Yarns - No Ordinary Yarns.
Founded in 1890, this company vaunts know how that allows it to produce and commercialize superior quality yarns using the finest cottons in the world alongside noble fibers.  New for SS 2022: an innovative brushing  method for jerseys and fabrics that optimizes production whilst keeping an attentive eye on the environment; Washingballs, high-magnetization balls which stabilize the water as they move around during the washing cycle, due to the change in the magnetic fields, producing a deodorant and natural detergent, bicarbonate of soda, that makes it possible to wash clothes delicately; high power Silver Washingballs or Washingballs, the use of which guarantees perfect sterilization and the total absence of bacteria.  And finally, Silver Shield, a new line of yarns in which Iafil’s must have products are enriched by a thread of pure silver, designed to give the textile the beneficial characteristics of this precious, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory metal. 


The Woolmark Company works together with 60,000 Merino sheep breeders on the research, development, commerce and certification of quality wool fabrics.  This collaboration is aimed at realizing innovations which will guarantee that wool, the preeminent, ecological and high performing natural fiber remains at the cutting edge in terms of performance, sustainability and luxury in a broad range of market segments including sports, outdoors, automotive, fashion and lingerie.  A symbol of reliability for over 50 years, the Woolmark logo is recognized as being synonymous with quality, guaranteeing excellence in the market.
Shima Seiki proposes a vast range of machinery which is all highly specialized in different products.  All Shima Seiki machines are capable of creating traditional jersey cloths, as well as articles for the automotive, healthcare and home furnishing sectors.  On the occasion of Pitti Filati, the company will be presenting samples of its own collections by the designer Vittorio Branchizio. Shima Seiki also pioneers Wholegarment, the technology that produces seam-free garments, and is also involved in the production and sale of the Sds-One Apex design system which provides software for pattern making and the planning of knitwear and clothing, in addition to computerized cutting machines and Inkjet printing machines, as well as KnitPlm management software.  The company’s motto, Ever Onward, perfectly characterizes the Shima Seiki philosophy.