Punteggiatura Olfattiva, a special tour at the show Romazo Breve di Moda Maschile at Palazzo Pitti
Edition 17
Place of the event
Date of the event
14.09.2019 16:04
Among the special events scheduled for La Città delle Fragranze-The City of Fragrances, on Saturday 14 September (at 11.00 a.m. in Italian/12.00 p.m. with English translation), Fragranze moves to the Museo della Moda e del Costume, Palazzo Pitti, for an olfactory visit to the exhibition Romanzo breve di moda maschile - A Brief novel on men’s fashion, organized by Pitti Immagine Discovery in collaboration with the Gallerie degli Uffizi. Punteggiatura Olfattiva (Olfactory Punctuation) is the title of this itinerary – suggested by Caterina Chiarelli and Simonella Condemi, co-curators of the exhibition together with Olivier Saillard – under the guidance of Elisabetta Invernici, that features works of art, fashion creations, perfumes and fragrances covering thirty years of men’s fashion. From room to room original olfactory notes will portray the many changes that have taken place in the wardrobe of contemporary man: the exclamation mark of the citrus fruits, the commas of the vanilla, the full stops of the spices, the brackets of the woods...

Accustomed to syncopated communication interspersed with emoticons, are we still able to take the time to read? This is the challenge set down by “Punteggiatura olfattiva”, a synesthetic itinerary that winds its way through the “Romanzo breve di moda maschile” exhibition, marking the rhythm of the breaks and encouraging unexpected fragrant reflective pauses. Thirty years of Pitti Immagine Uomo are not very many… but look at all the changes! We discover them as we go from room to room thanks to the invasion of original olfactory notes in a dialogue between fashion art and literature: the exclamation mark of the citrus fruits, the commas of the vanilla, the full stops of the spices, the brackets of the woods … a series of olfactory signs are scattered along the itinerary creating crases, links, accents, questions, expectations. Turning us into sharp protagonist
readers (Elisabetta Invernici)