RAW by MANE presents
‘The Rose: Reinventing Iconics’
Edition 20
Place of the event
Date of the event
16.09.2022 11:00
For ten years now, Pitti Fragranze has hosted the RAW by MANE conference, organized in collaboration with the French group, a world leader in fragrances, and dedicated to the most interesting raw materials in perfumery. At this edition, the rose, undisputed queen of olfactory culture, was the focus of the presentation "The Rose: Re-inventing Iconics" on Friday, September 16, at the Stazione Leopolda.
"Italy is the country of the rose," said Melanie Duhamel (Director of Fragrance Division, MANE Italy, Spain, and Portugal), kicking off the session. With her, on stage, Cyril Gallardo (Director of Ingredients at MANE EMEA), Mathilde Voisin (Marketing Manager of Ingredients at MANE EMEA), and Mathieu Nardin (Perfumer at MANE Paris) traced the history of this precious flower, already mentioned in Greek mythology, and its essences, documented since 1370 in a mysterious elixir of youth.
Most importantly, the talk delved into the role of MANE's sophisticated processing techniques used to obtain different ingredients and broaden the spectrum of rose-derived notes to enrich perfumers' palettes. The audience was treated to a multi-sensory experience animated by multiple olfactory tastings.

"Smelling the ingredients is like learning the ABCs of perfumery," explained Mathieu Nardin before introducing an interactive exercise to describe and compare five different MANE creations. Lastly, the perfumer also unveiled the fragrance "Cuir de Rose," a tribute to Florence and the rose, created exclusively as a gift for the Pitti Fragranze community.