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A tribute to freedom

The latest IBeliv accessories collection, between craftsmanship and lightness
Edition 16
IBELIV is to be LIV. A double play on words to carry the values and commitment of a man who believes in the ability to act positively and create one’s own reality. At the time of globalized consumption, the brand’s founder Liva RAMANANDRAIBE, also called Liv, invites us to rethink the role of collective responsibility to the world. 

Originally from Madagascar, Liv came to France at the age of 16 to study finance and succeed in this field. In France, he discovered the legacy of timeless refined elegance, and he realized the importance of living fully for his passions, drawing inspiration from his deepest roots. 

“I believe that it is possible to offer contemporary products while respecting Man and Nature.” This is how the Ibeliv brand was born: more than a brand, a philosophy, a positive spirit – committed to promoting manual intelligence. At a time when everything seems to be spinning too fast, Liv chooses to take the time to craft items with character and skill. Each piece of IBeliv is infused with a unique spirit.

Taking part in the social development of its production areas, IBELIV also contributed to the creation of the MANAMPY charitable organization, dedicated to the self-fulfilment of Malagasy country women, through craft training, education, raising sustainable development awareness and family planning.

3 adjectives that describe IBELIV’s accessories: 
Sustainable, timeless, human. Our accessories could be described in this one sentence: Yesterday’s techniques applied to today’s needs, in order to live better tomorrow.

What are the inspirations, materials and trends of the next collection? 
Our collection is mainly inspired by Nature, in Madagascar we are fortunate to have a unique biodiversity. Since the beginning, we chose to only use sustainable raw materials (raffia fiber, vegetaly tanned leather). For the next collection, we are trying to inspire freedom. The last few months have taught us that freedom is precious. We also tried to inspire a certain lightness. Wearing an IBELIV accessory is always an invitation to travel. 

How was the IBeliv brand born? 
The idea was to guarantee a better future to families, to make our country proud, and to protect our crafts. I wanted also to show how unique the skills of the women in Madagascar are. During my first team reunion, there were two artisans. When I told them I had a vision for their future, I had felt a little fear in their eyes. To reassure them, I had this sentence: «nothing is impossible to whose who believe». At the same time I found the name of the brand : I BELIEVE. We concentrated it in IBELIV, for graphic reasons.Today, the team is composed by nearly 1,000 artisans. Mainly women, their energy is unique. 

What changes has the lockdown we just experienced (and, in part, are still experiencing) brought about in terms of style and personal care?
It was a period that allowed us to understand each other better, to become aware of the values that were important: being in good health, family, solidarity, love, sharing. The style will go to the essential, eliminate the superfluous. From now on, style and practicality will have to be combined. 

What is the emotion you felt the most in recent months? 
The awareness that everything is ephemeral and that there are sometimes unpredictable parameters. 

A style icon, past or present?
I don't have a specific style icon, the choice is endless.
In terms of influence, my mother played a very important role in my life. 

What is the thing that makes you most proud of your brand? 
It's when I look at the progress in the families of our artisans. I have the impression of having accompanied them in their development. Pride, I think I share it with my whole team. It's the idea of having designed and produced a product, and then seeing it in the most beautiful stores around the world.