UniCredit S.p.A. My Pitti
Walk Through
Edition 16
Playing Cowboys and Indians, just like in a John Ford western, or Cowboys and Angels, just like in the song by George Michael. The must-haves are hats and Texan boots, alongside studded belts worn with pre-faded jeans and sun-bleached shirts. Grit and athletic grace offset the immense silence of sun-drenched lands or vast prairies to be crossed at full gallop, in a natural setting for the outfits of melancholic gauchos.
A free and proud spirit. An aficionado of travel with a respect for nature, who constantly switches between modern Bohemian and retro hippie. This is the woman to whom Valerio Giuntoli – a laboratory of custom-made boots founded in the Seventies – dedicates his collections of unique models. Every piece is entirely made by hand in the heart of Tuscany with the most exquisite materials, chosen by Valerio together with his son Nicholas. Cult model, the famous Indian Boots of the 80’s now revamped, and seen on the feet of stars like Adriana Lima and Beyoncé. 
The very best Italian artisans of leather and an exclusive selection of natural and exotic leathers. From these ingredients is born the artisanal project centered around the creation of special accessories. The passion of creative directors Caterina Ravaglia and Federico Brighi looks to different forms of beauty taken from music, cinema, and architecture, and reinterpreted in a new vision. Western 2.0 DNA passes through a collection for nonchalant and independent women, who are constantly in search of new vibrations.
Endless prairies and wild canyons are the ideal backdrop of the new Maison Common collection, made up by soft and floating outfits, which are also energetic at the same time. Prints take on the colors of nature. Outfits are enriched by buttons, embroideries, and small decorations, which are fruit of entirely artisanal craftsmanship. The key piece, a jacked designed to flatter all silhouettes.
Hippie atmospheres of the 70’s come together with 90’s nostalgia in a collection that favors wide and soft shapes expressed in different fits, which are enriched by manual processes. Accessories and treatments project denim canvas into modern times while improving upon qualities of comfort, versatility of use, and ease of washing. Among the novelties, a project in collaboration with some of the best producers in the Tuscan textile district. Through a special blend of silk and elastomer, Silk Denim is an elasticized and impalpable jeans style on leather.
The hat as a must-have accessory, ready to complete the boldest outfits. The collection designed by Sparti Linardaki, designer of Greek origins but with an international curriculum, is made up by unique pieces made by hand with materials imported from Los Angeles: bona fide objects of desire that have already conquered Hollywood’s celebrities.
Amenapih, or rather Ipanema written backwards, presents a ready-to-wear collection of ethnic inspiration. Caressed by the warm summer sun, printed maxi-foulards, T-shirts with Apache symbols and blouses lit up by small studs and trimmings revive a desire for adventures in faraway lands, between cowboys and Indian chiefs.