UniCredit S.p.A. My Pitti
Walk Through
Edition 16
Even if only evoked, Latin America serves as the horizon for nostalgic shots and sudden vibrant flashes, impalpable textures, and geometric prints. Colors from Brazil and decorations from Peru, the mysteries of Amazonia and solitudes from the pampas, all intertwine to the obsessive rhythm of a Bossanova. The patterns mix, the textures amaze, but it is the saudade that speaks to the heart.
Where does a journey start, and where does it end? This is the question whispered by the SS21 woman. Enigmatic, a bit like a princess, a bit like a spy, perfectly at ease between pleasures and mysteries, light and shadow. Hand-painted rustling silk comes in high-waisted, wide-leg trousers, slip dresses, and figure-enveloping sweaters. A mix of decorations and patterns on very lightweight outfits.
A transversal wardrobe with lively multicultural inputs, references from the Arts & Crafts, contemporary sounds, and visual arts: classic, ancestral, and modern, these allusions create infinite synapses of color. Exclusive prints add movement to simple and versatile garments in cotton jersey or virgin wool, offering a complete sensory experience.
A luxury collection of stoles and scarves with a sartorial taste: since 1999, Gaynor Bongard has been making a niche product with a contemporary soul from premium cashmere and the best natural fibers from all over the world. Few but essential elements and skillful craftsmanship that combines technologies and ancient know-how, giving life to a unique collection.
As turquoise as the sea, orange as the sunset, and golden as tanned skin. Clasped on the wrist, bracelets become amulets, wearable dream catchers, beaded inlays to ensure the summer one desires. And around the neck, a round of small square tiles: necklaces looking like thin and colorful ribbons that close with pompoms in Latin colors, ready for a sunbath.
Frida Khalo as a guiding spirit among symbolic prints, flowers, and fringes. Character and sensuality explode in the most versatile of accessories: the shawl. A work of art to be exhibited, a diary page to always keep close, a partner in a paso doble. Scarves and foulards are the focus of this brand, founded in Amsterdam in 2005.
Sunkissed skin, pieds dans l'eau, and a longing for freedom: the SS21 mood is reflected in the choice of vitamin colors that turn into luxury knitwear maxi-stripes, as impalpable as a summer breeze. Wrapping sweaters one can always drape around the shoulders; they are unique garments handmade with natural and sustainable yarns by an all-women team.
Retro atmospheres accentuated by knotted tops or maxi skirts with vertical striped ruffles. The chic touch of a wide-brimmed hat reveals the designers' origin: Jade and Benoît, a young couple in their thirties, are French. They have a passion for Latin America - Cuba, Brazil, Mexico - and beauty in common. Here is their SS21: bohemian, creative, and eco-sustainable.