Florence  ·  13 - 15 March 2021
New bakery evolution and revolution
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09.03.2019 17:16
Talks on bread
What happens if a new generation of young entrepreneurs discovers the ancient charm of the white art? The result is the creation of bakeries that redeem tradition and marry it with contemporary ideals.  This will be the topic of discussion at the first of the two “Talk del pane” [Bread Talks] scheduled for Pitti Taste 2019. “New bakery. Evoluzione e rivoluzione” [New bakeries. Evolution and revolution] will in fact be the title of the meeting scheduled for Saturday 9 March, at 11.00 a.m., in the Ring Area of the Teatro dell'Opera.
Laura Lazzaroni, writer and author of the essay entitled “Altri Grani Altri Pani” [Other Grains Other Breads] (Guido Tommasi Editore), will converse with three protagonists of modern bread-making.
The first is Matteo Piffer, proprietor of the Panificio Moderno in Isera, Trento who, together with his brother, continues to experiment with new raw materials whilst respecting the natural qualities of the ingredients and the health of the consumer.
Also present will be Pasquale Polito, creator of the Forno Brisa in Bologna and a former home baker. A passion for ancient cereals and a very efficient company strategy led to him opening several successful sales outlets.

Finally, Alessandro Longhin, co-founder of the Forno Collettivo in Milan which specializes in sourdough bread, a naturally leavened organic bread that is very acidic, fragrant and compact. His bakery is “collective” not just in name but in reality since home bakers can make use of the professional oven to bake their own bread, just like people used to do in the past.