Florence  ·  13 - 15 March 2021
Geography and bread jargon: a talk for finding out more
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09.03.2019 17:09
Talks on bread
No other food manages to represent and describe cultures and identities quite like bread. Names, shapes, grains, cooking and proving methods make up a fascinating list of variations linked to origins and traditions. The scene set by Alessandro Moradei highlights this all too well: the entrance to the Leopolda in fact welcomes visitors with graphics reminding them of the different names given to bread, while inside an installation shows the regional versions of baking. The theme is then looked at in depth with an ad hoc talk: Geography and bread jargon.
Davide Paolini will be moderating an intense conversation between prof. Zeffiro Ciuffoletti, a member of the Accademia dei Georgofili, and two exceptional master bakers: Nicola Giuntini from the Panificio Giuntini bakery in Quarrata and Davide Longoni, baker and, as of recently, also a farmer in order to produce his own rye for his bread making.
Together they will trace the history and the different expressions of bread, and also take a look at the future of the role of this food. "A few decades ago, we saw the start of a revolution in lifestyles and consumer habits, with the focus on bread," discloses prof. Ciuffoletti. Growing attention to the quality of food, to the origins of ingredients and food design has thus led to the rediscovery of ancient grains, slow proving and the short supply chain.
To find out more, come join us in the Area Ring.